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Reviews Comments: Well.....ooookay. Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt whole series review by Retro 7

Wow Gainax, after coming off of Gurren Lagan, I was wondering how you were gonna top it. But I never really expected this.

Short Premise of the show: Fallen Angels take on ghosts but would rather screw men and eat sweets all day.

So, as of this review, we're four episodes in. So what do I think? Well on one hand, its crazy funny. It never takes itself seriously and just goes with the flow. The decision to make the show look like a western cartoon too was certainly inspired. The U.S has ribbed on anime so it only fair Japan takes a shot at us. Extra points for using Powerpuff Girls style visual (Craig Mc Craken must be honored). The animation is as always top notched, fast, fluid, and frantic. It also nice we get art shifts too; from detailed to sketchy to live action when the monsters go boom. Really adds to the hilarity. I'll admit I wasn't really fond of Panty and Stocking at first. Years of watching Family Guy have left a bad taste in my mouth for jerkass characters. But thankfully the writers were wise to let karma deal with the girls on occasion, so they don't always get off scott free. Also helps they're not above dissing each other. (Then again they are sisters =p)

But then we reach the other hand, the show is absolutely vulgar and crass. It spits out as many sexual innuendos as it can and honestly, some of the jokes are gonna turn stomachs (the second half of episode 3 for example, Ugh). The characters curse without fear and some of the visuals can be rather disturbing (be honest, you cringed when you saw a boney looking Stocking in episode 4.)

All in all, I'd say its a guilty pleasure. Pretty sure it bound to be a cult classic among fans, but its not for everyone. If your into lowbrow humor, its a must watch. If your a casual anime viewer, a glance at best to see if its right for you before going full throttle. But if this ain't your cup of tea at all (especially the easily offended), then yeah stay as far away as you can.


  • AckSed
  • 11th Dec 10
It's "if you're into" and "If you're a" not "If your into" & "If your a". Nice and succinct review otherwise.
  • captaintheCaptaiN
  • 11th Dec 10
If your into lowbrow humor, its a must watch. best summation of the first four episodes.

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