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Reviews Comments: The two worst Death Battles - Goku vs. Superman Death Battle whole series review by Destined Jedi 87

I\'m a big-time Goku and Superman fan, which is why it astonishes me to hear people praising DB for the way they handled them. I don\'t get why some people can\'t understand why it makes us so mad as Goku fans and Supes fans.

What\'s wrong with them? Well, GVS 1 was definitely better. Even if it had problems, you could tell they put effort in it - Ben Singer apparently spent a year on it. However, the outcome isn\'t the issue, it\'s that they nerfed BOTH characters, and their poor math are why the battle wasn\'t accurately portraying the characters. For one thing, Supes has better feats, and with proper scaling Goku is at least large star level by the time GT rolled around, and there were other ways to gauge Goku\'s speed.

But GVS 2 was when I gave up the show forever as it became clear all Ben Singer cared about was creating controversy for cheap views and $$$ and possibly trolling the DBZ fandom in revenge for not accepting his verdict as Gospel. Even if you wanna argue there was fan demand, no one told Ben Singer to make it. And he misled viewers into thinking this would be New 52, a version Goku can beat, but then it was revealed as a bait-and-switch when it was the same version they used before. This really felt like a ploy to toy with their fans\' expectations before crushing them.

How can I defend them when they included no research on Goku? DB markets itself as a show that \"solves\" debates with \"soul-crushing\" research, but how can you \"solve\" this when there\'s no research? The researchers said on the SA forums they weren\'t involved. You can\'t blame fans asking for a rematch when they were hyped. Ben Singer was the one who decided on this, but why make a rematch if the outcome isn\'t gonna change? And it sucks since there\'s new feats from DBS they could analyze to make a case for Goku even if he lost - which, you know, would be consistent for people who claim to looove DBZ with such yuuuge respect for Goku - and we\'re not gonna get them since they rushed it for $$$, and they knew DBS was coming. ROF came out on 4/18/15 and the new anime was announced 10 days later. They claim to respect Goku, yet they had Supes walk through his blast, fry his brain, and bury him in a degrading show of pity. They insist they love Goku, but actions talk louder than words. As someone familiar with DC, Supes does NOT have infinite power. He has good feats, but he doesn\'t have infinite power.

It\'s just astounding to me people can defend that DB, the lowest point they sunk to, when they went from nerfing Supes to literally wanking him to infinity. I don\'t like how they misrepresented him and Goku, then claim to belong to my fandom, insist they hate Supes and love Goku, yet screw up the math so bad some people wonder if it\'s bias. It was then I left DB forever, and seeing stinkers like Yang vs. Tifa and others convinced me it was the right thing. DB is a far cry from the sincere passion they had during season one. And that\'s sad for a show I once respected.


  • Peridonyx
  • 7th Aug 17
After the rematch, I officially called Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy (even though they won't let you actually add it to the YMMV).
  • Theokal3
  • 8th Aug 17
Jesus, people are STILL mad about that one? This is getting ridiculous.

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