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Reviews Comments: Better than most horror movies, but that\'s a low bar Dont Breathe film/book review by willyolio

So, good points: This movie doesn\'t rely on supernatural inexplicable bullcrap. Just an old blind ex-special-forces guy who keeps his house very secure while some teens try to rob him. The horror and tension is real, they are legitimately trapped in a place with a guy who can, and wants to, kill them. There are no unexpected/meaningless jump scares - yes, there are surprise moments, but not random things popping up for no reason. It\'s a man who knows his way around his own house; you\'d expect him to set ambushes.


With that said, you still have to turn your brain off to enjoy this. Plot holes abound. Horror cliches everywhere. Why would this old guy keep everything in cash instead of putting his money in a bank? Who knows. Why keep talking when the old blind guy is shooting at you? Who knows. Ugh.

There\'s some other inconsistencies and plot holes as well throughout the film. If you want to enjoy it, you\'ll just have to keep yourself braindead enough to not notice or think about them.


  • TheRealYuma
  • 2nd May 17
So did you miss the part where it\'s stated that the blind man lives in isolation? Of course he wouldn\'t bother keeping his money in a bank where he would have to interact with anyone. The less interaction with others, the better for him. He hates people. Really seems unnecessarily demeaning towards those of us that enjoyed the movie to tell the readers that they have to turn off their brains and be braindead to enjoy it.

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