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Reviews Comments: Abnormal Stupidity Paranormal Activity film/book review by Marc 3 K

This movie goes for the Nothing Is Scarier approach, but fails completely with a couple of characters stupider than the ones in The Strangers (and that's saying something), especially Micah, who might be the biggest moron in the history of morons, who basically DOESN'T CARE ABOUT HIS GIRLFRIEND'S WELLBEING and only wants to tape something cool, so he provokes the demon in every. Single. Way. Dude, fuck off, will you? And this technique is used to keep the movie going, despite being noticeable and stupid. And after seeing Paranormal Activity 2 I am also annoyed at the fact that all the bad things happening are the men's fault. Why couldn't ANYTHING be the fault of one of the ladies? (Though to be fair, Katie's just as stupid and as fault as her dumbass boyfriend). So, no, I wouldn't recommend the movies to anyone with taste or any modicum of intelligence. But hey, if you want to see Incredible Dull-Ability, go ahead. It's your funeral.

Paranormal Activity: 3/10. Paranormal Activity 2: 2/10.


  • 25th Oct 10
"Why couldn't ANYTHING be the fault of one of the ladies"

Because then that would be sexist and we don't want that.
  • 4th Nov 10
B Ecause its not like it was implied the demon haunting the entire god damn family was caused by thier great grandmother. THE WHOLE THING IS BECAUSE A WOMAN SOLD THE FIRSTBORN SONS SOUL. Wait... first born son? Shit the demons old testament god.
  • Truan
  • 17th Nov 10
The idiot ball is what made the movie good, though. Sure it had a 'men are stupid' appearance, but seriously, how many people do you know that wouldn't fight these hauntings with pure denial/skepticism and try to take control?
  • Marc3K
  • 8th Jul 11
Um, Micah wasn't fighting the demon, he wanted the demon to MANIFEST and 'do cool stuff'. Remember he always complains when nothing happens? He basically puts Katie's life in danger for something to put on youtube or wherever.
  • eveil
  • 8th Jul 11
^Sounds like something the average youtuber would do.

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