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Reviews Comments: A waste. Sausage Party film/book review by Nozz Dogg

Not a waste of a concept, but a waste of time.

The concept really doesn\'t have much going for it to begin with, obviously just a jab at movies like Toy Story. Plot wise it seems like a weak kids movie too, so it\'s not like you\'re going to see anything new here.

Now onto the film\'s problem: A lack of humour.

Racist stereotypes and accents don\'t carry humour by themselves. The same goes for orgies (of both the death and sex kind). You have to do something more, tell or show some sort of joke. It doesn\'t have to be clever but it does have to be funny, otherwise what\'s the point of showing it? You\'re just killing time.

What really makes this movie deadly is that its jokes rely on shock value and gross out humour, but bizarrely don\'t seem to go far enough to provoke a reaction. It might actually be a failing of making the movie animated; it sanitizes most of the violence for one thing (not the condom of course, that was dark).

I can\'t even take offence to any of it; they were obviously just trying to be transgressive, but here\'s the thing. It\'s not actually transgressive to make an adult animated film.

It\'s novel, sure, but that isn\'t the same thing. The only kids who are going to see it are the kind of kids who watch adult movies anyway.

Telling racist jokes and featuring rape is definitely transgressive, but that\'s still just trying to be novel and eye catching. It doesn\'t have humour in and of itself and it\'s not like it has any build up throughout the movie. The Saving Private Ryan parody sets basically blows the entire movie\'s load early and after that it really doesn\'t have anywhere to go. The trailer massacre is slightly worse, but it basically kills whatever chance the orgy has of inspiring a response.

There are a few funny scenes and moments smattered throughout the film (bag of wonderment), but it\'s just not enough to justify the... 90 minute run time? That\'s it? It felt a lot longer. I\'m a bit bewildered as to how it has a 83% Rotten Tomatoes score, when it\'s just so dull.

As a side note, the villain being a rapist wasn\'t really intended to be funny. It seems like it was mostly meant to give the villain more evil points. There were a few obligatory rape jokes in the orgy scene of course, typical stuff like a Hitler getting sodomised. I\'ve never seen the point of rape jokes, but again, I\'m not offended this time. It\'s just an excuse to be transgressive.

Edit: If you\'re wondering why I watched this, I saw the Rotten Tomatoes score and a friend recommended it.


  • TheRealYuma
  • 27th Apr 17
There is no way this movie could have been done in live-action though. Also, the real villains are humans, albeit they\'re obliviously evil. Douche is closer to an antagonist, he\'s also not really a rapist. He\'s a food equivalent of a wendigo. He\'s also funny because of his delivery.
  • NozzDogg
  • 29th Jun 17
Well yeah, totally, I'm not saying it could have been done without it, but I still feel like CGI sucked the impact of the violence out. I just think they kind of had to do something either more transgressive, extreme or just plain clever.

With the nature of the villain, the humans are barely there at all, and Douche is the serial killer, with some clear rape imagery built into his first vampire scene and later some anal rape stuff thrown in for good measure. I'd count him as the villain.

As for him being funny, I'll probably never see it. I've known to many Douches to find another one funny.

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