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Reviews Comments: Mmm, bacon Monday Night Combat game review by cfive

I'd like to start by saying that Monday Night Combat is not a TF 2 ripoff. Infact, MNC is one of the most original shooters in some time. The basic gameplay is that two teams have to protect their moneyball from bots through building turrets and copious amounts of shooting. The first mode, Blitz is a one-team tower defense type game, where crossfire pits two teams against each other trying to escort their bots to the other team's moneyball. This is done well and the various classes are designed in a way both emphasizes teamwork and lets players shine on their own. MNC never feels like it sacrifices strategy for action, while still having lots of shooting. For fifteen bucks, it's a steal and everyone with an Xbox should have a copy.


  • VutherA
  • 17th Oct 10
  • EarlOfSandvich
  • 1st Feb 11
I guess same for Steam too, now that it has a PC release. Bought it a couple days ago and had fun.

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