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Reviews Comments: Great if you can get yourself into it. Warrior Cats whole series review by Newt Girl

I'll be honest; the series didn't appeal to me initially. You see, Mother bought the second series box set for me to read over the summer when I was still relatively young, under the impression that it was about space cats based off the cover. So, out of courtesy, I tried to read them. The first time through, nearly none of the characters I cared that much for (Squirrelpaw in particular I despised instantaniously), I wasn't able to understand what the heck was happening, and, overall, I just didn't care what happened to them. I made it to about 1/3 of the way through the second book before giving up and not picking them up again...

...until about a year later. I got bored one day and decided to look up the series on Wikipedia. After reading through the article on it (and having about all of the plot spoiled for me), I learned that Feathertail, the only character that I actually gave a crap for, was going to die. I decided to give the series a second chance, and started over.

This time through, I was able to connect to the book. Though still despising Squirrelpaw, the characters overall became more 3D, I actually picked up what was happening, and cared that their home was going to get destroyed by Twolegs. After that, the series became one of my favorites of all time.

So, in conclusion, the series may not instantly appeal. Didn't for me. My suggestion is to at least try to get through a book or two to see if it hooks you. If not, oh well. That's your personal opinion, and I respect that.


  • melloncollie
  • 28th Oct 10
I didn't like the second series or Squirrelpaw much either, but I thought the first series was much better. Have you tried it?
  • AgentDragonhunter
  • 19th Jun 11
I think that with any books, it's best that you start with the first series or it will turn you off of reading it. Didn't stop me with other books, though.

I actually sort of liked Squirrelpaw, though, in a sort of "cute little nuisance with a crush" sort of way. Although there are way better characters, and she, Brambleclaw, Firestar, and the other older characters have sort of lost their feel at this point.
  • DandelionFire
  • 26th Jul 11
I kinda hated Squirrelpaw too, but like the above said, the first series might be worth a look. Some people hate Firestar for being a Marty Stu, but I honestly like him a lot better than his daughter. Even if you don't like him, there's quite a few characters like Yellowfang who are a lot of fun to read about. You aren't really missing out if you skip out though.

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