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Reviews Comments: Bad. Very bad. The Mysterious Mr Enter whole series review by Phantom Dusclops 92

Where can I begin? Well...

  • Video editing. As everyone who saw at least one of his videos, he always loops back and forth the same scenes over and over for the entire video. I often think that he does this on purpose in Animated Atrocities to make the show he\'s reviewing look more annoying than it actually is.
  • He\'s oversensitive. I get that he haves Aspergers, OK, but he did TWO different reviews (\"Poop Doggy Dog\" and \"Spit Collector\") completely based on the fact that he dislikes looking at drool. (OK, the former is not completely based on that, but he mentions that fact first in that review)
  • He often mischecks some points. The \"Dexter vs Santa\'s Claws\", \"Stuck in the Wringer\" and \"Seahorse Seashell Party\" reviews haves him take blatant Spoof Aesops (\"The true meaning of Christmas is presents\", \"Crying solves all your problems\" and \"If you\'re interested in what drugs do on your body, you should personally try them\") as they were intended as serious aesops. The aforemented \"Spit Collector\" review ignores that Wayne is the show\'s bad guy and actually gets his punishment at the end, since after he drinks all the canister of drool and candy he gets sick and they bring him to the hospital, but he glosses about that part because the idea of drinking drool grosses him (Duh, that\'s the point!), and the one for the Angela Anaconda episode is also filled with many errors. Not to mention the Puppy in My Pocket review, where he takes an episode around the end of the series and keeps complaining that it doesn\'t explain the show\'s premise.
  • He is an hypocrite. Complains about rape jokes, then jokes that Nickelodeon is ran by pedophiles. Complains that Family Guy is filled with pointless cutaways, and right after that he inserts pointless cutaways in his reviews.
  • He keeps forcing people to like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. He said at least twice that every adult in the world should watch it. At least three times he went all \"Stop reminding me that MLP is a better show\" because a character said \"pony\" in whatever it\'s reviewing.

I think that\'s enough.


  • KarkatTheDalek
  • 3rd Jul 16
Haven't watched his stuff, but "forcing" strikes me as the wrong word for the last point. "Shilling", sure, but I'm guessing he doesn't make people sit through entire episodes of MLP. If he thinks that it's a good show and people should watch it, well, that's his opinion.
  • jaredthedecimator
  • 26th Nov 16
You are smart. Thank you for saying what I was too afraid to say.
  • Luigikart64
  • 29th Nov 16
Thank you.

Oh and don't forget somehow he thinks Cartoons for whatever reason needs to have morals and he attacks Family Guy for sometimes not having them. And he tends to get so melodramatic over it. He is for the most part just kind of unpleasant.

Oh and he shoves MLP in way too much like you said, which annoys me since I think it is among the most overrated shows and i cannot understand the appeal. I found this and it says more of why i don't like him than i could ever say.
  • Sugarp1e1
  • 12th Feb 17
@Luigikart 64 You claim that Enter thinks that cartoons need to have morals. Not true at all. In his review for the Arthur episode "April 9th", he says, and I quote "A cartoon doesn't need to have morals; it just needs to do a thing and do it right."
  • shonengirl
  • 7th Apr 17
This seems to be another person ragging on his old videos. Seriously. And holy smokes, why do people keep saying that he wants all cartoons to have morals? He explicitly denounces this in his April 9th and "Finally, a Lesson" review. What are you on about? What, because he wants cartoons to not have Protagonists Central Morality or have some kind of character growth? He has an editor now, so the editing has improved a lot. And he's stopped mentioning My Little Pony for a while now. If you're going to criticize him, at least criticize him on his newer videos instead of repeating the same old tired complaints while ignoring any progress he may have made. This is why I can't take any of his critics seriously; they're all like this, using old, tired, outdated criticisms that haven't been the case for months or even years.

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