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Reviews Comments: Betrayal Bleach whole series review by sodiumazide

There are few emotions like betrayal. Few things that can sour you so completely to a person, ideal or work of art than betrayal.

Bleach is a betrayal of the grandest proportion.

You see, the problem not that Bleach is a less interesting more style obsessed (and quite stylish if I do say so myself) Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Z filtered through the lense of Rob Liefeld for sure, but still essentially Dragon Ball Z.

It has the same screaming fanbase, it has the same infinite wasteland of plotless combat. It has the same obsession with 'power overwhelming' to the exclusion of all intelligence, and it has the same Deus Ex Machina of my powerup is more throbbingly erect than your powerup.

This is what it is. There is no use in obsessing over the fact that it is a shallow waste of time. Especially since it wastes so little time. I still read the manga because it takes me less time each week than a prince valiant 6 panel on the Sunday Funnies, though Prince Valiant will certainly fit roughly the same amount of dialog and between 2 and 3 times the plot development. I have as the doctor recommended, learned to stop worrying and love the bleach.

The problem comes in that it was not sold as such. The first 150 chapters hinted at the possibility of a grand story. Of meaning and double crosses. Of depth and complexity. The earlier works of Kubo Tite (see the sadly , though perhaps in retrospective, thankfully short lived zombie powder) showed that he has a darker mind and a tendancy to cthonian artistic choice when given his head. If bleach had devolved into an obtuse clusterfuck like D-Grayman, I would have been happy. That is not the end I would prefer but it is an end that would allow me to put down the manga and consign it to the memory hole. Instead it has become an ongoing catastrophe of morbid dimension. It is a thin gruel being impossibly stretched, and stretched, and stretched.

Welcome to Bleach. Were there is lots and lots of baking soda but no cocaine. Where after four hundred chapters of an increasingly dry and lazy blowjob, the climax comes, and instead of a thunderous orgasm promised by its early excellence it squelches weakly and dribbles lopsidedly down the shaft in volume that wouldn't impress a pigeon.

F*** you Bleach.

Thank god Soul Eater is what bleach might have been.


  • Demonsead
  • 27th Oct 10
I really hope more people come here and review, it's fun to read their hate.
  • 27th Oct 10
Bleach is only there to make money. Fans only think the author actually cares about writing a good story.
  • EponymousKid
  • 21st Nov 10
While I agree on some of these points, comparing early Bleach to Soul Eater is a little off the mark. Soul Eater is explicity cartoony and inherently comical by design, while Bleach took itself almost entirely seriously.

That said, the similarities are fairly obvious and strong. Both are the clear result of a writer simply saying "Fuck it, Imma just throw everything I think is cool into this and we'll see what happens." Both feature avatars of death with living weapons as their primary characters. But the approaches to both action and comedy differ wildly, at least in my opinion.

Eh, that's all semantics. I enjoy Soul Eater as well, but just adding my thoughts.
  • Shrimpus
  • 5th Jan 11
It is true that the approaches that Soul Eater and Bleach take to both action and comedy do vary wildly. One is wildly good and the other is freaking terrible. Soul Eater has incomparably better choreography and aesthetics, it has superior design and art, especially in terms of the background. It has better writing and better plotting, the comedy is better timed and throughout the work rather than being isolated to one off chapters now and again and it is better at drama because it has not lost the ability to generate dramatic tension.

The thing is that a Bleach was explicitly cartoony when it started. Pez dispenser soul candies? It just got lost in the vapid style eruption so fast that most of that is forgotten.
  • 5th Jan 11
That's because the author thought "Hey, I can turn Bleach into a cash cow by fucking over the story" and decided to change the genre to DBZ.

Bad story + Colorful Characters = Successful cash cow anime.
  • Phrederic
  • 5th Jan 11
One Piece is more successful than Naruto and Bleach and it's story is...well, it's consistent.
  • 5th Jan 11
That's because One Piece doesn't plan on going anywhere with the actual plot.
  • Scardoll
  • 5th Jan 11
The commenter above me obviously does not keep up with current events.




In the One Piece Marinford arc Ace died, Whitebeard died, Sengoku resigned as Fleet Admiral, Blackbeard stole the Earthquake fruit from Whitebeard and released the prisoners from Impel Down, Luffy and his friends got separated and had to train individually for two years, Coby developed Haki, two Shichibukai left the force, etc.

In fact, more happened in that arc than has happened in Bleach since the Winter War started.

I don't typically keep up with Shounen fandom rivalries, but please, cut the bullshit.
  • 5th Jan 11
And once they finish up with that story, they'll move on with a new story and barely look back on it. That's how cash cows shounen series work. Deal with it.
  • Scardoll
  • 5th Jan 11
"That's because One Piece doesn't plan on going anywhere with the actual plot."

...But it did go somewhere with the plot, however brief. It was pretty much a Wham episode.

I don't even read One Piece anymore and I know that it wasn't a sidestory. It will be looked back on (Obvious foreshadowing with Blackbeard, anyone?)

You said One Piece doesn't go anywhere with the plot. It obviously went somewhere there. I understand that One Piece is not a series based primarily on an overreaching story arc (It's pretty much the sidestories that matter), but that doesn't mean its plot doesn't go anywhere at all.

Also, I hardly see how a less focused storyline is a feature of cash cow shounens; Bleach itself is pretty focused (If horribly, horribly, horribly slow).
  • 6th Jan 11
^I'll be more careful with how I phrase things next time.

Bleach is going too slow to find a long-running pattern, but they'll most likely just keep introducing new characters and villains every time they run out to continue the story until they get bored and decide to quit. I wouldn't be surprised if the author was originally planning to do that with the characters introduced in soul society, until they became extremely popular. And I think Bleach just finished using its current villain cast, so just wait and see.

  • Scardoll
  • 6th Jan 11
I actually like what I've seen of the new arc.

Then again, Bleach tends to work better when everybody isn't fighting all the time.
  • ronasokily
  • 17th May 11
Just gotta say that I love and agree with your review.

And the whole blowjob metaphor was priceless.
  • McSomeguy
  • 20th Sep 11
This is indeed a very accurate description of what Bleach is like. I started with watching the anime but I dropped it because of the endless stream of filler arcs. I still read the manga, entirely due to force of habit. It truly does take less time to read than any other manga I know of.

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