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Reviews Comments: The ymmv page tells you all you need to know. The Fault In Our Stars film/book review by honeyishrunkmyself

A common criticism about the dialogue, which is flowery and grandiose. Others like it for the same reasons.

Their date in Amsterdam is very...romanticized, possibly owing to the author\'s own love for the city.

When strangers yell \"beautiful couple is beautiful\" at the main characters. \"[adjective] [noun] is [same adjective]\" is an old meme.

Some readers thought the throng of people applauding after Hazel & Augustus make out in the Anne Frank house was a bit much.

Read the last part again, and again, and again until your brain falls out. Now do you understand?

This book sucks, it fetishes cancer, its pretentious, you just KNOWN how its going to end from the start. And the original ending sounds like an better book than what we got.

Just read Catcher In The Rye instead, yes the main character is an asshole, but at least he\'s more realistic than 99% of other teen characters in fiction. Much better example of teen fiction.

Or Carrie.

Jon Green is a smart and nice guy. But i\'m sorry bro. This book just ain\'t good.


  • hamza678
  • 1st May 16
Honest Trailers calls it \"The movie that did for cancer what Twilight did for vampires\".
  • YasminPerry
  • 16th Mar 17
Holden isn\'t an asshole, he\'s a Jerk with a Heart of Gold!

John Green seems like a pretty cool guy on YouTube, but just because you\'re cool doesn\'t mean you\'re talented.

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