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Reviews Comments: The best game ever? Mario And Luigi Bowsers Inside Story game review by Mister Apple

Of course, Mario and Luigi: Bowser\'s Inside Story is not, in fact, the best game ever, as that is entirely subjective, but it\'s my personal favourite. Nice gameplay, good writing and lovable, memorable characters. (Who could forget Fawful\'s hilarious Engrish dialogue!) The game had enough difficulty to not make it a complete pushover, and easy to pick up for newcomers to the series. (Which I was on my first playthrough of the game.) Really polished and fun. I can play this game any time, and it\'s still fun, even on the thirtieth playthrough. Yes, really. it\'s a short game, alright. I give it ten arbitrary units out of ten. it\'s my favourite game ever!


  • Darthrai
  • 8th Jun 16
Hooray! Glad to see someone else who loves the game as much as I do. Personally, it\'s my favorite Mario game along with Super Mario Galaxy.
  • MisterApple
  • 5th Apr 17
Yeah, I\'d probably say that is was pretty close up there, definitely my second favourite Mario.

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