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Reviews Comments: Great series regretable end Mx 0 whole series review by Masami Phoenix

Mx0 is quite possibly my favorite manga of all time. The writing is good, the jokes are clever, and the story is interesting. The main character - Taiga - is so much more interesting than most main characters, and seeing him bluff, lie, and outwit all these magicians with no - or later very few - magic tricks of his own is always entertaining. The entire cast - especially Ise and the love-interest's father - are fun and interesting and it's nice to see a series where the girls eventually realize that when the main character says "I can explain" they should let him try... and then beat up Ise for good measure.

The only bad part - and it's a big one - is that the series got cut short and has a really rushed ending that while is a decent finish, does nothing to really resolve any of the elements - other than speeding up Taiga becoming a wizard. Still it's a great series and I highly recommend it.


  • JuunaZn1
  • 10th Mar 12
Nice review. I don't know what the artist is doing now, but I wish he could have truly finished it somehow. Really, Taiga *just* began that massive course of improvement... And for what?

If it wasn't for that damn poll or whatever... But I guess they have to do those whether they like it or not.

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