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Reviews Comments: Greatest Heel Ever John Cena whole series review by Phrederic

Well, of course not right now, but John Cena has the potential to be the greatest Heel WWE has ever, ever seen. Follow me now, John Cena is a natural at it.

His wrestling ability (Shut up, he's not a terrible wrestler when he doesn't do his Face No Sell->Five Moves Of Doom->Victory) is not that of a face, sorry, not that of an interesting face. Cena taunts the fans, motivating himself not through the desire to please the audience, but the desire to spite the audience, look at his match with CM Punk. They shouted "You can't wrestle!" and Cena and Punk immediately went through a series of counters, making the audience eat their words. Cena's You Can't C Me pre-fist drop maneuver is another great disrespectful heel move.

Cena's heel gimmick is truly great, the self confidence could easily become arrogance, his contrariness could easily become cocky rebellion, and nobody likes wiggers. Cena's face gimmick is boring, phony and has been done. to. death. He's the obnoxious, no respect giving, entitled suburban white boy who thinks he's street, a perfect heel!

Finally, the man's promo skills, simply put, are excellent, yet again as a heel. When face, he seems like a bad Rock impersonator (Vocal tone and such) mixed with Hulk Hogan. Hell, his funniest promos as a face are when he's acting heel-ish, mocking others, mocking the fact that he's disliked, mocking his top position on the internet hate machine. Cena makes awesome heel a face.

With rumors flying about a Heel turn, perhaps to revitalize his career from pretty good to legendary, similar to Hulk Hogan, perhaps Cena can stop smiling when he's being shat on by the audience and bite back against the braying masses. I certainly hope so.


  • 26th Sep 10
Uh...this isn't really a review.
  • Phrederic
  • 26th Sep 10
I'm reviewing John Cena the Heel, not John Cena the whole package or John Cena the Face, if you keep that in mind this review will make more sense, kinda, well somewhat, not really.
  • tsstevens
  • 7th Dec 10
The WWE need to do something to generate interest, and Cena coming back as some type of heel might do the trick. I believe they tried this before, there's a Bab Bad Man theme song for him, but why would he turn heel? Pissed at the IWC who hate him? Perhaps he could align with Michael Cole to set the Smark wrestling community on fire.
  • HappyMan
  • 6th Feb 12
Interesting analysis. Wish the WWE writers would read this.
  • tsstevens
  • 8th Jan 13
I've become a big fan of John Cena's rapping when he was a heel in the WWE.

As much as Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon was considered hot by girls like Eliza D.

He must have been crazy mad as a kid in school learning hooked on phonics.

So I thought I'd give fresh thoughts as a hopeful student of Thuganomics.

When Cena was first warming up his rhymes he was totally whack.

Worse than lining up at the free throw of three point line with Shaq.

It was like watching the Dukes Of Hazzard and they hand the mic to Inis.

It was a flip flop, Cena not his opponent looked like he had a small penis.

But we know that ain't the case from when he wrestled with Trish Stratus.

Thank whoever you believe in that from here he improved his rap status.

I'm not a Cena hater, I'm only speaking truth.

He's much better now that his rhymes smash like Babe Ruth.

As a heel Cena was good, when he was out busting rhymes.

Rather than dropping the entire roster on their stack of dimes.

As the Doctor of Thuganomics he made bad look good and had it going on.

Now fans wish they rewind the clock to when the ref was Teddy Long.

As Attitude Adjustment is exactly what Cena and the WWE needs.

Back to when they don't stop the match when somebody bleeds.

They changed the rating because Chris Benoit was a crazy canuck.

Here's hoping for another Attitude era where they can say...

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