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A landmark Silent Age/Golden Age short starring Mickey in his glory years, this wild, fast paced short subject is very fun, with lots of funny cartoony sight gags and some raunchy, juvenile stuff to go with it. I actually think this short is much better than Steamboat Willie, which is endlessly praised for pioneering the popularity of sound cartoons.

Here, Mickey is a very self motivated, adventurous womanizer who has no qualms making a move on Minnie in his homemade plane! This short was originally a silent cartoon, and actual sound effect words appearing in the short are an obvious indication of this.

While i'm dissapointed that we'll probably never experience it again as a true silent cartoon (no, turning off the volume does not count-even silent toons had music played alongside them) the addition of sound effects and music was a nice magical touch that makes this lively, fun cartoon still feel as fresh as air and just as brisk to this day. Here's to Mickey's original landmark classic!


  • blueflame724
  • 15th Jul 12
If I had to give on reason to praise this short, it would be Mickey's personality. He actually has some form of motivation and creativity in this short. Granted, it's not the most distinctive of cartoon protagonists, but it shows potential.

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