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This is, in my opinion, the second worst show that the once-great Nickelodeon has come out with this century. And I'm a little shocked that I happen to be in the minority (of teens, kids, and even other adults) who think this. I mean, the premise is a neat idea, but it's execution is totally botched. I guess it was supposed to be like a 21st century version of SNL's "Wayne's World," but this falls totally flat.

To start, none of the characters get a laugh out of me. Carly isn't interesting or funny, her brother is a moron (and not a funny one), Sam is an annoying jerk (and her "funny" lines are just painful), and while to Freddie's credit, he is most likely the most tolerable out of the main characters, he has Carly's same problem of overall blandness.

As with many shows of this nature, Carly and Spencer, despite their parents being nowhere in sight, and neither of them having a day job, they seem to live in a relatively nice apartment. As for the other two? Well, we get hints that Sam has no father and that her mother is a deadbeat of some sort, and Freddie also has no father, and his mother is a smothering hypochondriac. Heh heh, unhappy homes are funny....

The jokes are just horrible, and the laugh track that seems to be begging viewers to laugh along with it is just obnoxious.

Bottom line: I think this show is awful. I may be in the minority, but I'm fine with that.


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You can make any joke seem unfunny with sarcasm.
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I see a ton of deleted comments, all deleted by someone else. A stark reminder of why the ability to edit comments was removed. :/
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I am inclined to agree with this review. I thought that when the series started it was okay at best, and actually funny at times, but it had some painfully obvious Seaosnal Rot to the point where all of the characters just repelled me, except for probably Freddie.
comment #23078 Lucymae2 2nd Feb 14
^ I mean Seasonal Rot
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