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Reviews Comments: Childish? Yes. A Great Read? Yes. The Secrets Of Droon whole series review by Ever Chaotic

As a person who read The Secrets Of Droon far after she was the target age, I can attest that the series is entertaining to just about anyone.

The books have flaws. They're quite predictable, and it's hard to keep any sort of suspense up within the story. Abbott abuses the onomatopoeia and the exclamation point, as well as italics for emphasis. Sometimes your poor, abused Willing Suspension Of Disbelief gets stretched too thin with all the A Wizard Did It-esque explanations.

And you know what?

It really doesn't matter.

The books are some of the most entertaining things I have ever read. Despite all its flaws, the wacky plots, fun pace, and characters that are just realistic enough for you to feel for them, albeit being overdramatic, will keep you reading throughout every book.

And for those who absolutely can't stand the simple, after book 15 or so, the series gets noticeably deeper. With plot twists that will actually make you think "I wasn't expecting that!", and loads of character development, it can appeal more to the mature reader.

All in all, I would strongly recommend the series to anyone who likes an entertaining read.


  • Lightflame
  • 12th Jun 12
I agree, i loved it when I was young. I need to go back and reread all the books, and buy the rest.
  • Kif
  • 2nd Jul 13
God, it's been so long since I've read this series, I hardly remember anything about it except loving it.
  • Lightflame
  • 3rd Jul 13
Now that someone has bumped this review, I need to go back and keep rereading the books.

My only problem is that when I was younger, I never managed to buy them all.
  • erttheking
  • 1st Oct 14
Oh God I loved this series as a kid. I'll see if I've still got my copies lying around somewhere.

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