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Being a fan of Digimon, and having enjoyed the first season, I was quite eager to see a continuation of it, and this series seemed to hit the spot, at least for a while. he Digimon Emperor made for an interesting villain, and the new kids were well-developed and likable, not to mention there being the Older And Wiser T.K. and Kari... so, at first, this new season was fun and refreshing. It had a Lighter And Softer feel than the previous, but that's not necessarily a bad thing...

But then... the series completely lost its track and turned into a trainwreck. It started with the introduction of BlackWarGreymon and the Destiny Stones, then developed into pointless filler (World Tour arc, I'm looking at you), nonsensical pairings who hook up out of nowhere, plot points which serve no real purpouse during the series (Daemon, anyone?), and ending with a final battle so anticlimatic and ridiculous that it boggles the mind how anyone could think of it as a satisfying way to end a series... and with the most idiotic and saccharine-filled Distant Finale ever, nonsensical jobs and pairings, and a big "Screw you!" to all the fandom. All the freshness and novelty of the first episodes, up until the episode about Ken's past, were cast away and substituted with a dull series which only drags forward towards its inevitable end, also making it clear that the writers didn't know what they were doing and were just making things up as they went (for example, Arukenimon and Mummymon's motives change randomly from "wanting to destroy the Digital World" to "wanting to allow Oikawa in")

Final word: Avoid this series, and go read a fanfiction. This horror deserves to burn in Hell.

2 out of 10, and I'm being generous.


  • ManwiththePlan
  • 22nd Aug 10
WOOOOAHHH...I agreed with alot of this review up until that final word and rating. That was being far too harsh on it. The overall Digimon Adventure 02 series was So Okay Its Average at best.
  • 23rd Aug 10
What can I say, I hated the last 20 or so episodes too damn much to give it any higher.
  • ReikoKazama
  • 6th Sep 10
OUCH. I haven't even seen this season yet, but OUCH.
  • Scarab
  • 15th Sep 10
You know you're probably gonna have to watch an awful lot of crap during your life. I find it best not to set my standards too low no matter how I think I dislike something because sooner or later, I know I'm gonna run into something even worse (on the other hand, sometimes I am impressed by stuff that I expected to hate. That's the good thing about being a pessimist, I guess. You're either constantly being proven right or pleasantly surprised).

Digimon Adventure 2.0 was actually my favourite of the Digimon series. I think it may be something to do with the fact that while I prefer sci-fi and fantasy genres, I also prefer stories that have some kind of basis in the Real World: in the original series (which I enjoyed) the kids were totally seperated from the human world and struggling to get back, whereas in 0.2 it was more of a Wake Up Go To School Save The World set up, which I preferred.

I also found the characters intriguing. Ken in particular had a heartwrenching back story and was well developed and believable: Davis/Daisuke aside, he seriously had to earn his redemption. The characters were, as you say, appealing. Honestly, I didn't even LIKE Kari in the first series but here I found her to be far better rounded out. I found the whole situation innately disturbing to be honest. I mean, these kids were effectively child soldiers -which is wrong however you look at it- and it affected them. TK and Kari showed the scars of what their previous battles had made them into, and I appreciated the way these things were dealt with. Being a show that was essentially about transforming monsters (and very Merchandise Driven transforming monsters, at that) they could've given us something far less emotional and complicated and probably have gotten away with it, but instead they tried to give us characters we could care about and watch develop, rather than just characters they could base action figures on. If a series that is driven by the need to sell toys can make you ''forget'' that it's being driven by the need to sell toys, and is something you can enjoy even if you don't want said merchandise then... well, that's pretty impressive.

There are, as you say, a helluva lot of things I think could've been immensely improved. Those dropped plot threads were irkesome, the craziness of the Xanatos Plot made it hard to know what as going on sometimes, especially if you hadn't been watching since the start. The ending overall was one helluva dues ex machina (though I'm not as against the shipping canon as most people... seriously, people, these guys are ALLOWED to change their relationships over the course of the ten years or so between the series ending and the epilogue, just because it's only been two minutes for the audience doesn't mean it was for them), and I would've LOVED the Dark Ocean to be used in a way better suited to it than just as a place to lock away the bad guy; what a total waste of a lovely plot device). The plot often felt as if they were really making it up as they went along and regularly I went "uuh whut?" but I never once stopped caring about the characters. Which made up for the plot for me. And there were some delightful bits to it.

I also rather enjoyed the World Tour Ark -it was nice getting to see all these other digidestined worldwide, implying that the digital world had a much wider effect on the planet. There were some facinating twists in it - the episode where they were trying to work out how to get over the border into China from Korea without starting a war, incoroprating the real life tensions of the era, was especially intriguing. Though the Australian and French episodes were blatant stereotypes.

Giving it just TWO out of ten? Seriously? That's harsh. I don;t think it's honestly that maddenningly terrible compared to a lot of the other the horrifically badly plotted and badly written stuff you see on the anime market these days. (I personally hated Negima for example, surely this isn't as bad as Negima...)

  • 26th Sep 10
Heh, whatever. Personally, I can't understand why this... abomination of a Digimon season is even so popular in the first place.
  • JewelyJ
  • 27th Sep 10
I would have been able to take you more seriously if you weren't so over the top about it.
  • 28th Sep 10
Agreed with those defending it.

Yes, it was incredibly annoying that this series out of them all (to my understanding) had many a plot building up with foreshadowing and itty bitty reveals slowly tempting you to them, only to have them pull out a pair of scissors, laugh out "ha ha! Screw you!" and cut the ties to them all before any major reveals or progress can be made of them.

Yes, it was incredibly annoying as to how they build up to this awesome boss that was Arukenimon, raise a few eyebrows but nonetheless work well when she recruited Mummymon and eventually Black War Greymon in a Dark Tower and later Destiny Stone witchhunt (obviously for different reasons behind said hunts between the two), make even more eyebrows raised when Black War Greymon gradually retired in favor of an even more dark antagonist, Oikawa, while the aforementioned duo were demoted to Digimon02's answer to Pokemon's Team Rocket, and made people rip their hairs out when not only all three of them got thrown under a bus so Anti-Climatically, but were shoved aside for a very sudden appearance of what could've been the ultimate villain the digidestined faced only for it to also fall in an even more anti-climatic manner with no idea what to think of this guy with little to no build up and even more so of how he was defeated.

And yes, it is incredibly annoying that any built up or characterization that could have been possible in explaining and gently easing viewers into the end destined pairings were tarnished with a quick "several years later" block.

However, just because Season 2 was rather sloppily handled in the respect that they wanted to rush into new things too fast and weren't good at tying the existing loose ends they already had before doing so, it is not the worst of the Digimon franchise, and certainly not the worse to ever exist in the anime circuit. If there was anything that deserved to "burn in hell", that would have to be worse than being tied to a chair and forced to play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for a full straight week. I've seen clumsier writing, and this is the least of the worries out there.

  • 11th Oct 10
Whatever, I stand by my opinion that this is the worst Digimon season ever, and Adventure, Tamers, Frontier, Savers and Xross Wars are all leagues and leagues above it.
  • JewelyJ
  • 16th Oct 10
Ffft for all that was wrong with it it had Ken who has an awesomely dark backstory.
  • DracoDracul
  • 7th Nov 10
The first half is good and makes up for the lower stakes with an interesting and ultimately sympathetic villain. The second half is just random crap to fill out the rest of the series.
  • LeithSol
  • 24th Aug 11
This is a terrible sequel and does deserve to burn. It plays out like a bad Fan Fic starting with the younger kids "inheriting" the older kids powers all the way to the end where the all get married and have lots of kids. Over 50% of the episodes are filler; Story arks disappear; Plot devices are inconsistent; And villains that are as dumb as bricks. Digimon Zero Two is a stain on the Digimon Adventure name, and should never be associated with it.
  • Komikron
  • 10th Sep 11
wow, you're really jumping the gun, aren't you? Show me one, ONE show of whatever kind that DOESN'T have any flaws - admittedly, Zero Two did have a few that lowered the viewing/comprehending pleasure to some degree (the Aborted Arc with the Dark Ocean for example, or the Distant Finale to some degree), but I'd argue that this Digimon series had with Ken one of the most fleshed out characters of the whole franchise (although it needs some manual reading to fully grasp everything about him - but then again, that's what makes it so interesting, learning new stuff over the time, bit by bit) and seriously, when I watched it back as a teenager, I had a damn good time, and when I rewatch it today, I still have a damn good time because it has quite some interesting plot points, characters and other fun stuff - and that's what a series of a franchise like Digimon is about, right? Really, and here I thought people are just crying over newer things like Xros Wars and condemn that to hell (for whatever reason)...

You're obviously not being very realistic with that "two out of ten" rating. Maybe you should try to calm down a bit and learn to look at things in an objective manner.
  • eveil
  • 10th Sep 11
Uhh... did the OP put his email up as his username?
  • terlwyth
  • 10th Sep 11
I'm going to have to say that my opinion is the opposite,oh yes it definitely hasn't aged well. But while the Digimon Emporer arc was pretty interesting at first,it got tired and stiff after about 10 episodes. As such everything suffered and I can't name a single good episode after Ken is revealed save the one with Wizardmon.

No Black War Greymon was the first ambiguous character in the whole show and ya' know what he was arguably the most rounded,and while I didn't like The World Tour arc,the Daemon arc was good,except for the big deal about killing real Digimon and Magna Angemon being deemed useless against Skull Satamon after the death of Piedmon earlier on. If anything Daemon was just a wasted plot,like Ken being the 9th digidestined and the Crest of Kindness.

And until Black War Greymon died and it was revealed to be Myotismon,AGAIN I'd say save the World Tour Arc everything got better after the slow,dull,boring Emporer Arc. Clear villains were now given ambiguous moralities (Oikawa and Black War Greymon), the main cast developed more.

But then Myotismon returned after what should've been a good demise long ago,and hijacked everything,and the whole death was incredibly stupid,even if I did like Davis not being the Butt Monkey. And of the couples the only ones that made any sense were Ken/Yolei and yes Matt/Sora which actually wasn't last minute [Just watch Season 1,51 again I dare you],the rest was garbage.

In short

Good beginning premise that went stale,new arc that changes everything and actually allows the show to Grow The Beard,and then after the World Tour they ran out of ideas and thus introduced what could've been a good villain maybe too good,so they go for a human guy who gets a Freudian Excuse that can't dare go against,so then they do the most predictable thing and bring back THE villain of the first season.

And thanks to continuity errors,while some Digimon of old died came back (Chuuman,Wizardmon and Whamon) others who were promised to return didn't like Piximon,Pumpkinmon,Gotsumon,and,....... LEOMON!!!!!

It's certainly not golden how these writers can be so dishonest and inconsistent,but it's still decent enough.

It can't be worse than a C+

  • Manw0name
  • 21st Jun 15

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