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Reviews Comments: Actually better than I was expecting Gerald Mc Boing Boing episode/issue review by Surenity

I still have a bit of trouble seeing why everyone in the animation field seems to adore UPA's Limited Animation style and why it has so many entries on The 50 Greatest Cartoons. I also have a hard time forgiving UPA for what it started. I am not a big fan of Limited Animation. This, coupled with the fact that on occasion I'd caught the Gerald Mc Boing Boing series on Boomerang and despised it, made me weary of actually seeing the original short. But, rather than Complaining About Shows You Dont Watch, I finally buckled down and searched for the short on Youtube, and watched it. And I have to say, despite going into it expecting to hate it, I just couldn't bring myself to hate it. I even kind of liked it. It was cute, and I connected with the character of Gerald. Perhaps Dr.Suess being the writer helped. I still wouldn't call it excellent though (it's number 9 on the list? Really?). Maybe because I'm strictly a fan of animation and not an actual animator there's something I'm missing about it. But it's at least not a bad little short just on its own.

I'll still never understand how Bambi Meets Godzilla made it onto The 50 Greatest Cartoons list though.


  • piearty
  • 26th Jan 11
Sorry sorry sorry, it's wary, not weary.
  • 26th Jan 11
And now I'm going to have to watch Bambi Meets Godzilla.

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