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Big robots small mouth
Look, I don't think there's any way for me to be objective here. This was not just the first anime I got into, but one of the my first television programs. When you're 5 and there are mecha firing Macross Missile Massacre in space, you don't need anything else. I drew the Combining Mecha from The New Generation every art class even though no one knew what it was. It's a good thing I wasn't old enough to drive, because I would bought a motorcycle to play Cyclone and probably broken my neck in a thunderstorm. I didn't understand the drama, the romance, the plotlines, or the significance of the deaths. I was too busy watching big robots duke it out.

Later, I read the Robotech novels and watched the original Macross. In Macross, protoculture is just that, a proto culture: music, love, and everything that makes life worth living and worth fighting for. In Robotech... it's a power source. Read what you will into their respective societies.


Tecnically it still that mate. Cause of the discover of Protoculture it created a new culture of the Robotech master, who in turn created the giant war-like clone race of the Zentraedi and the vengeful species known as the Invid
comment #17465 kaiser 28th Dec 12
I don't thin one can read anything into the whole Protoculture difference. The change in Robotech is little more than to tie the than an attempt to tie the three series together- and the original form wouldn't make sense, since the "protoculture" role in that sense for the Zentraedi would appear to be taken up by the Masters (Zor in Southern Cross). Robotech doesn't really take away the importance of "music, love, and everything that makes life worth living and worth fighting for" from the narrative.
comment #22769 TheLyniezian 10th Jan 14

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