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Reviews Comments: One of the best BR RP's on the internet. Survival Of The Fittest whole series review by incrobe

As an avid reader of the internet, I have seen many Forum-Based RP's come and go. Most of them die out after a single game, and most of them die out before the game even starts. But nothing has compared to the intensity and grippingness that is Survival Of The Fittest.

First off, you know you're in good hands when a premise such as Battle Royale is mixed up and shot out and Americanized by a bunch of people just like us who know how to write a gripping story. Taking place over 4, maybe 5 years now, it tells the story of terrorists kidnapping a class, or in the earlier cases, several classes of ordinary (well, for the most part anyway) High-School students, and forcing them to fight to death on a deserted island for...ratings. What sucumbs of this is several days of torture, killings, angst, friendships and alliances falling, until one person remains. So far, only three people have come out of the game alive that we know of. That is a lot of people to get through to for one person to survive.

Okay, to start off with, this site has as many bad points as good points. Most 'handlers' are more concerned with making their character win the game than making an ordinary high school student, so you get people who act like they come out of the Mary Sue factory convention. On the other hand, is the style of writing. One handler's writing will always differ vastly from the rest, no matter how much you don't want it too, so you are usually not in for a smooth read. And then there is the little problem of real life getting in the way for most of the writers as well. You could be waiting anxiously for the plot arc you want to go ahead, and then they're suddenly killed off with no warning.

Don't let this darken your day, though. What comes of the ones that work is drama, action, plenty CMOA's, CMOH's, and Tear Jerker's ahoy. These are real characters of flesh and blood, created with the utmost delicacy, and as such, it is such tear worthy material to see a small, frightened little mute girl wounded, dying on the ground, thinking everything’s going to be all right, when everyone around her knows she doesn’t stand a chance.

Though it may be a bother to look it up, do it. You won't regret it at all.


  • 14th Sep 10
Cool story, bro.

In all honesty, go read some of it. There are, obviously, some handlers who are crappy writers (like me lol), but the majority are really great.

  • Mungolian
  • 24th Feb 11
I really want to get involved. I guess I have to wait for Version 5 though.
  • Nacked
  • 7th May 11
Seems to be more of a shilling than a review in parts. Otherwise not bad.
  • JonathanJarocki
  • 20th May 11

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