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Reviews Comments: This Show Is Fucking Amazing. Here's Why. Moral Orel whole series review by Don Zabu

Writing any sort of conventional review for Moral Orel is pointless, given how wildly different it is from any other show I can think of. As such, I figure the best way to encourage others to watch Moral Orel is to list some of the various jokes and other elements out of context, so that potential viewers know what to expect. Here goes:

  • Prayer bees, with judging categories of "Asking For Things", "Praising", "General Appreciation", and "Requesting Forgiveness".
  • Non-Threatening Negro Comedy, Vol. 6.
  • A preacher's coffee mug reading "I Hate My Boss".
  • An infertile librarian accidentally fronting a movement to ban eggs.
  • Incredibly effective thematic use of various Mountain Goats songs.
  • Accidental kid swapping.
  • A woman who tries to pleasure herself with a gas-powered drill.
  • A song about turning the other cheek, showing the world how strong you are by simply acting weak.

And now some quotes from the show:
  • "Now, me and Jesus, we like to feel the pain."
  • "I can't believe I give you the privilege of satisfying me every night."
  • "Good afternoon." "Oh yeah, what's so afternoon about it?"
  • "Skinny is for the Jesus-ites."
  • "I don't wanna know your name. Just for tonight, I need to be held. I need to be with someone. It doesn't matter who."
  • "Well, if you bathe in virgin blood instead of painting your house with it, you stay young."
  • "Forgive your debtors!" "Forgive your trespassers!" "You owe me a bottle of wine!" "GET OFF MY PROPERTY!"

Speaks for itself, I think.


  • EponymousKid
  • 10th Aug 10
Yeah, this show was a real gem, and I'm saying this as a Christian myself. Clay has got to be the most hilarious deconstruction of the "father knows best" sitcom dad ever.

And that's the thing about this show - it's funny, but it can also be genuinely touching or sad at the same time. "Nature, part 2" was pretty much a nonstop "HEY OREL GO TO HELL LOL" rollercoaster, yet the laughs kept coming.
  • datavore55
  • 14th May 13

  • MrMallard
  • 14th May 13
I like the sound of the show itself, but I can't say that a list of out-of-context jokes and quotes constitute a review.

I'f I'd never known about the show before reading this, you would have completely failed to hook me in. Bravo.

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