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Reviews Comments: Awful bashfic with no redeeming value Faery Heroes fanfic review by banjo 2 E

I recommend you do not read this. The Villain Protagonists are huge assholes to absolutely everyone, gleefully ruin the lives of people who haven't even done anything to deserve it yet, go on a crime spree just because they want money, and in general are completely unsympathetic.

For instance, Ron being coerced into being friends with Harry at the age of eleven is used as justification to curse him with enough bad luck to make him wish he were dead and make him wet himself whenever he so much as thinks unfavorably about the caster.

The only person who wasn't undeniably villainous in canon whose treatment is even vaguely justified by their actions is Molly Weasley, and that's largely because her character was butchered into making her someone who casually dosed her entire family with potions all the time, including giving her husband love potion in the same vein as Voldemort's mother.

The fic ends with the protagonists casually murdering Ron in the middle of the Great Hall during a feast, giving Ginny an overdose of love potion and pointed at a mirror, Obliviating Draco Malfoy to the same extent Lockhart was in canon, and watching Dumbledore die alone after giving him their word that they will not even give him a proper burial. Then they go off to have lots of babies together. Just...ugh.


  • Ymirsdaughter
  • 14th Oct 15
Didn't read the whole thing, but agreed for the thirty first chapters and thank you for saving me from the rest of them.
  • KoolKoopaGirl
  • 30th Jun 17
THANK YOU. You have described this fic in a nutshell. GO BANJO 2 E!

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