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Reviews Comments: Summing it up. Avatar film/book review by Faramir

So, This is what I'm gonna sum up that movie in One Conversation

Complainer: UGH! I hated that movie
Me:Why? I loved it! the efects were awesome! every single thing looked so real, their skin, their eyes, their hair. All the characters looked so good, the animals were amazingly well designed, even though they were in the background. The plants, the giant mountains, the waterfall, the big dog things at the start, the soul tree, everything looked amazing!
Complainer: Yeah, but the plot sucked horribly.
Me: There was a plot?
It's a must watch, but just because of the effects. If you're a story guy, don't.


  • 5th Aug 10
All I ever wanted All I ever needed Is here in my eyes Plot is very unnecessary It can only do harm ;)
  • sabrina_diamond
  • 8th Jun 13
Totally my reaction xD
  • starofjusticev21
  • 5th Aug 13
To put it another way, this movie's a porno.
  • GallowsNoose
  • 2nd Feb 14
Except no one comes to fix the cable.
  • SatoshiBakura
  • 9th Aug 14
This sums up just about every reaction to the film.
  • RedHudsonicus
  • 9th Aug 14
I tried to watch this with my mum and the film was literally hurting her eyes so bad she had to leave. So I don't give any points to the effects. Plus, the artistic design was really lacking — I hated all the animals in particular because they struck me as somehow generic. I don't know why, I just feel like video games have so much more interesting creature design than what we saw here.

Actually, generic is probably the best word to describe this film. Generic characters, generic story, generic design...

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