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So Okay It's Average
I saw it, and liked it. It wasn't anything special, but it was enjoyable. The fact of just who they got for Zhao was hilarious. The people complaining about the Race Lift, however, are annoying. The Mighty Whitey thing could've been handled much better, but saying "influenced by Asia = they're Asian" is very, very stupid. Is the Avatar world Asia? No, it's the Avatar world. They could be blue (although that'd make Film/Avatar Hilarious In Hindsight). It depends on what Mike and Bryan say. After all, it's the world they created.

It's not terrible, although I agree that the acting could've been better. Quite good for compressing 10 hours into a movie. Note that he did write a faithful script... and it was 7 hours long. The sequel's apparently already being worked on, maybe it'll be better.

(...Now watch as I get comments telling me why I should've hated it and/or from people calling me racist.)

I was in a bad mood when I wrote that part. As for the 7-hour-long thing, that was based on a comment that was on the page itself. And I should've noted that I was annoyed by the Race Lift, but was mostly pissed at how people were reacting (I tend to forget to note important things, isn't there a term for that?). I wasn't saying that they shouldn't, I was saying that if the creators wanted it they didn't have to. Mistaken For Racist?

EDIT: Thanks, "". I don't have the artbook, and none of the sites I read (which, by the way, is a lot of them, so I think it's just bad luck or something) said nothing about it. That certainly explains a lot.


Ten internet bucks says you don't. Nobody gives a shit anymore. I can't believe people are still writing reviews for the film, one way or the other. Nobody cares. Move on.
comment #3740 Darkmane 4th Aug 10
Saying that Asian setting doesn't mean you should think that the characters are Asian is very, very stupid. It's like saying "Just because the world is clearly biased on the American old west and none of the characters are dark skinned doesn't mean you should think the characters are all white.
comment #3764 Dracoblade 5th Aug 10
He wrote a faithful script that was 7 hours long?! Wouldn't that have been longer than the first season itself(since each episode is about 20 minutes if you took out the commercials and credits)?
comment #3766 Byemus 5th Aug 10
True; that one's plain Bullshit.
comment #3768 Darkmane 6th Aug 10
1. Mike and Bryan have said that the world and characters are Asian, in the artbook.

2. What makes you think that they could demand that the movie cast Asian actors? Nickelodeon actually owns the series, Paramount owns the film adaptation rights. Mike and Bryan were credited as "executive producers", which might've ended up meaning nothing in terms of creative control over the film. They haven't been outspoken against the casting, true, but they haven't supported it, either, and they've been rather silent on the film in general (and the only thing they said about the casting is that they had nothing to do with it). All signs point to them not being happy at the whitewashing, but not wanting to violate contract/ruin their careers by speaking out against a project they are a part of.
comment #3784 7th Aug 10
I think you may have gotten your Avatars mixed up. Or maybe the system did. This review is for The Last Airbender, but it's in the review list for James Cameron's movie. Ironically, the title is still accurate.
comment #6551 Anaheyla 22nd Feb 11 (edited by: Anaheyla)
Sad day when "Average" is considered to be Okay.
comment #6555 23rd Feb 11
Sad day when a movie that's good but not great is denounced as the worst thing to ever happen to the film industry.
comment #6625 Anaheyla 27th Feb 11
It's what happens when you over-hype anything. Larger audience, more criticism.

Don't feel sad, the creators were just playing the game. And they succeeded.
comment #6630 27th Feb 11
Not the worst thing ever, but one of the worst films in its price range with bad dialogue, bad acting, bad effects, and plot holes you could drive a semi-through.
comment #7610 DracoDracul 8th May 11
"Sad day when 'Average' is considered to be Okay"

Okay: acceptable, permissible, adaquate, correct, alright, etc. Is "average" so inappropriate?
comment #7663 tublecane 12th May 11
...heehee. You realize you wrote a review for The Last Airbender on the page for the other movie titled "Avatar".
comment #15067 Pykrete 25th Jun 12
Okay: acceptable, permissible, adaquate, correct, alright, etc. Is "average" so inappropriate?

When the average is really low, then yes.
comment #15068 Ragol 25th Jun 12
^ Do you even know what average means, because it doesn't look like it.
comment #15071 marcellX 25th Jun 12
Well if we're going to get mathematical here, maybe he's suggesting that there's a couple of really hyper-exceptional films which create a positive bias on the mean average => the average film sucks :D

But I suspect we're talking about the more normal meaning of 'okay' :D Still with so many better than average films (all 50% of them), there's not much reason to watch an okay film. I read it as a mildly negative review because of that (well what review there is left after the crossings out, all two sentences of it)
comment #15073 Tomwithnonumbers 25th Jun 12
I thought it was about quality average not quantity average.
comment #15074 marcellX 25th Jun 12
Wrong section. This is supposed to go in The Last Airbender section.
comment #15141 Historian1912 2nd Jul 12

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