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Reviews Comments: Incredible plot Naruto whole series review by Viviphantas

Naruto is a story about the title character and his friends struggling to find peace in a world ravaged by war and corruption. The main story takes place in the Hidden Leaf Village, a fascist city ruled by its military, with leadership decided mainly by skill in combat. The military is not above using children in its military, and many children, including Naruto, are drafted. To keep its soldiers in check, the government uses methods such as brainwashing all of the soldiers with jingoistic pride and hunting down any soldiers who attempt to leave the village. Despite this, many of the children in Naruto still manage to find happiness in the little things, whether it's making friends, or competing with each other. Naruto's own goal is to become the strongest soldier in the village so he can become Hokage (The leader of the village) and improve the overall quality of life in the village. Advancing in rank is very difficult and competitive, involving a competition where candidates for promotion fight each other, often to the death, to earn the right to compete in a public gladiator match, and get promoted if they do well in it.

The other main character is Sasuke, Naruto's best friend and fellow child soldier. Unlike Naruto, he is obsessed with destroying the facist government as revenge for ordering the political assassination of almost his entire family, through whatever means necessary. The main conflict of the story is between the idealistic Naruto, who wants to reform the government from the inside, and the cynical Sasuke, who wants to destroy it as retribution.

Whether it's with the large number of orphans, the devaluation of human life, or the showcasing of what happens to areas without a military to protect them, Kishimoto does a splendid job in showing the effects of war and violence. There is plenty of Grey and Black morality here. Many of the government authorities try to make the lives of the soldiers better if they can, and many of the antagonists have Freudian Excuses.

Unsurprisingly, all of the soldiers suffer from some sort of psychological damage. At best, they turn out to be Stepford Smilers who do their best to survive and find happiness. At worst, they become mentally unstable or cold and selfish.

If you're looking for a deep world and complicated plot, then Naruto should be more than enough.


  • starspawn17
  • 3rd Aug 10
I wholeheartedly agree. The whole "fascist government" hardly ever gets noticed by the younger fans though. Naruto is very popular for a good reason, its a great series.
  • 14th Nov 10
Wow, I skimmed it a bit and though that this was a joke of a review, but this is probably the most spot on review I've ever seen.

I don't know about complicated plot, but the Naruto world is certainly deep and interesting. I enjoy the manga regardless of how retarded the general fanbase is.

  • 14th Nov 10
It actually is a joke review, being an Alternate Interpretation of everything and joking about how much of a crappy place the Leaf Village would be if judged by real life standards.
  • GrandPrincePaulII
  • 14th Nov 10
This is the best Naruto review I have ever seen.
  • 15th Nov 10
I'm not quite sure if this is a joke review since s/he says " Kishimoto does a splendid job in showing the effects of war and violence", with the reviewer backing up this statement with examples. And the way the ninja system is governed adversly affects a lot of people like the aformentioned Sasuke example. If this isn't a joke, then great review.
  • 27th Nov 10
The author never actually focuses on any of the negative implications of the Naruto universe. The Leaf Village is portrayed white as snow, enemies are portrayed as pure evil, and most people don't notice how horrible the Leaf Village would be if judged by real life (Western) standards.
  • melloncollie
  • 28th Nov 10
I wouldn't say Konoha is portrayed white as snow, especially towards the Sasuke example. Enemies are almost never pure evil, most get some sort of Freudian Excuse or Monster Sob Story. Haku and Zabuza, Gaara, Nagato?
  • GrandPrincePaulII
  • 29th Nov 10
I think the reviewer did not review the real-existing shonen series Naruto, but an ideal seinen-esque Naruto without the massive flaws of the original.
  • ronasokily
  • 26th Mar 11
Troll review. No other explanation.
  • 26th Mar 11
It's funny because everyone's taking this review at face value and agrees with its points. You know, for a troll review.
  • Antiguo
  • 5th May 11
Simply amazing.

This review had changed how I look into the series permanently. Whether is a Troll fic or a serious review is irrelevant; in many ways it has show many of the Unfortunate Implications and open view of the story, the society, the thematic and make a deconstruction of the story without the wangst and the grittiness.

Is a magnificent piece of criticism and probably worth a 200 chapter Fanfic with this idea. The fact that is less than 4 pages long make it more epic and insightful.

  • mlaw109
  • 26th Aug 11
10/10. Reading this review, you'd think the series is edgier than it is. (Which was the joke. And a good one)

Truthfully, while Kishimoto glossed over a lot of these things when presenting the original premise (basically whitewashed fascism) they became important later on—look at characters like Gaara, Pain, and the Uchiha Bros. Which is perhaps why it's not so clear he was joking.

Made me laugh and accurately described the series.
  • BlueBird
  • 10th Jul 13
Despite it being a joking troll review, I have to agree with this. As it was only reviewing the general plot, it is actually pretty accurate. Now if only the series is more self-aware and had less cliches, it would have been a much better story.

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