Reviews Comments: The OV As are ridiculous in the best way imaginable.

The OV As are ridiculous in the best way imaginable.
First off, Hellsing is in no way for the innocent at heart. It has vampire nazis eating babies in one bit, and thats... thats pretty normal for the level of over-the-top-ultra-violence that this series gets up to. However, do I recommend the OV As? ABSOLUTELY. The first one is essentially a retread of the first episodes of the TV series, but after that they go off and follow the manga. And it is ridiculous, glorious, hammy, violent, bloody, sexualized, and freaky as hell. I can't think of a favorite moment because there are too many good ones. The Japanese.... don't really understand Christianity, and this series will make you very happy that they don't, because their version of the church militant is freaking AWESOME. Also incredibly violent. I can recommend it for anyone who is willing to give awesomeness a go, turn off their brain, and enjoy the logical insanity that this show is.


I will give Hellsing one thing- it does not make a complete haimes of Christianity- atleast it seems to get some of the references correct (apart from the ridiculous premise) I think this is a good review. Well done.
comment #9235 richierua 12th Aug 11
Cool review, but... have you heard of the Jesuits and what they got up to in the Thirty Years War? The Church Militant doesn't even begin to cover that!
comment #11368 unitedfruit 14th Nov 11
Considering how the west portrays other cultures and religions, I don't think it has the right to complain.
comment #11371 eveil 14th Nov 11
I have two complaints about the OVA:

comment #24904 JamesBannon 21st Jun 14

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