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Reviews Comments: A very manly manga One Piece whole series review by Vree

This story is about pirates, which in this manga translates into "badasses", who sail around on the ocean all the time except when fighting with others. The way it works is that you start with the weakest and then you continue moving East until you have defeated everyone and then you become Pirate King.

This story is also about friendship, you will recognize a Nakama when you meet them because they will have a Dream and they will fit in with your group's theme, so if you are a clown you are going to collect lions and trapeze artists and if your name is Cat you will be required to hang out with people who can normally be found at anime cons.

Mostly though this story is about huge Who Would Win fights:

Getting a profession works much like multiclassing in D&D, so if you have studied cooking or history you will become a fighter-chef or a fighter-archeologist, if you are a pure fighter you'll have twice the Training From Hell and Heroic Spirit.

Alternatively you can just eat a Devil Fruit which is an instant power up and you don't have to train at all. All Devil Fruits belong to a certain type, from "pretty useless" through "awesome" to "really friggin' awesome". The only risk is catching a really pussy ability but Devil Fruits also level up so after a few arcs you can come back and proceed to kick everyone's asses.

The Marines: These guys are a joke, but they still oppress the part of the population that do not want to be pirates and live free. The only real risk is if they are an Admiral or a Vice Admiral because they also rank after badassery rather than military training.

The Shichibukai: These guys are so badass that even the Marines pay them to leave them alone. Shichibukai translates into "evil pirate" so you don't want to be one of these guys because you're not evil. It's still worth extra points if you beat them, and you will practically have to except for the ones that have turned good.

Yonkou: Yonkou stands for Plot Device, these guys are uber-pirates who can crush anyone & appear anywhere and no-one will see their fleet sneaking up on them. Plus they call their Nakama "division commanders" which sounds a lot better than "sniper-liar-handyman" or "monster-doctor-reindeer".

So basically this manga is a good guide if you want to become a real man like myself.


  • 26th Nov 10
So, do these "pirates" ever actually do any pirating, or do the Marines just oppress them for no reason?
  • takashi.0
  • 28th Nov 10
^Yeah, they do lots of pirating. (Not always on-screen though.) In fact, most of them aren't exactly the Don't do anything goody goody type. Their Chaotic Neutral at best and just as evil as the Marines as worst.

The strawhats are some of the Chaotic Good exceptions.
  • Alrune
  • 6th Aug 11
I'm puzzled between calling this a highly snarky review or a deliberately na´ve one.
  • fakescorpion
  • 3rd Jul 12
This review got a lot of facts wrong, or just plain over simplify things. The Marines are not useless. Luffy's first total defeat is in the hand of "Captain" Smoker. The Shichibukai are not evil pirates. Some of them are allies while others are antagonists, a few of them are clearly neutral, and also others switch sides as the story progress. As of recently, there seemed to be more Shichibukai allies than enemies. Calling Yonko Plot Device is also over simplifying it. And as of now the only known Yonko who called his Nakama "division commanders" is Whitebeard, who has a very large crew.
  • Ego-Man25
  • 2nd Apr 15
WHY DOES EVERYONE USE THE TERM "NAKAMA?!?" I watch the Funimation dub, damn it, and not once have I heard that willfully untranslated term. Also, Marines are hyper-competent, Warlords are morally ambiguous, the Emperors have significant personal effects on multiple characters' backstories, and honestly, Devil Fruits depend on the users of said fruits for the effectiveness. A fruit that makes you rubber? Lame. The same fruit allowing you into a bloodrush that can utterly demolish CP9? Where can I get one of those? So no, you got One Piece wrong.
  • LitleWiggle
  • 3rd Apr 15
The reason people use Nakama is because of the original big scanlations groups (Kaizoku or something? I don't really Read scans of One Piece) didn't translate under a mistaken assumption it's a significant word, and when called on it, hunkered down and ended up making a huge stink. So now one piece fans are under the impression that Nakama means "closer than family" or some bull, instead of its actual meaning of a "group member".
  • Ego-Man25
  • 3rd Apr 15
And that is why I'm a dub watcher, so I can avoid pesky Insistant Terminologies such as those, among other reasons.
  • Berserker88
  • 15th May 15
Here here, Ego-Man. It annoys me too.

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