Reviews Comments: Aren't I little old to be obsessing over this show?

Aren't I little old to be obsessing over this show?
Yes. Yes I am.

To put it simply: This show kicks ass.

I won't go into to much detail, but I love this show.

I love the plot, I love the songs, I love the humor I even love Irving, The Scrappy of the show.

To keep it short: I'd give it a Infinity/10. It's that good.


My mark for the show? I'll reconsider E=mc^2! It is BRILL!!!
comment #3885 11th Aug 10
This troper is almost 21 and finds this the best show on Disney Channel since Phil of the Future.
comment #4499 echoballard13 19th Sep 10
This show has made me reconsider my former position that Disney is an evil coporation beant on dominating the world with its merchandise driven films and conviently sized stuffed animals. I now consider it the father of modern animation even South Park (Disney gave the impression all animation is for children; what show has better succeded in defying that impression than South Park?).
comment #10904 brazillianboy122 18th Oct 11 (edited by: kirbystarwarior)
Almost 21 and I love this show.
comment #15942 Historian1912 28th Aug 12
Almost 21 and love it too :D Maybe there's a very very specific extra demographic
comment #15950 Tomwithnonumbers 29th Aug 12

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