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Reviews Comments: last good disney show Phil Of The Future whole series review by punksweets

Phil, despite being from the future was a relatable guy. They may have had zany schemes but the were funny instead of completely stupid. It was a show anyone could have enjoyed instead of just tween-aged girls. They characters weren't total spazs, to dumb to live, or totally unlikeable jerks. Most importantly no laugh track. Though the family was from the family with super gadgets, the charter weren't completely out of tough with reality, well maybe the parents at times but in a funny way. It was a pretty funny show and it always had its cute moments between Phil and Keely. It never felt embarrassing to watch, I think it deserved those full 65 episodes instead of being cut short.


  • theschwab34
  • 20th Jan 11
It was def one of the last good Disney shows. Kim Possible still aired a little bit after Phil was cancelled but yeah as far as live action goes definitely.

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