Reviews Comments: Doesn't stand out, but still worth seeing.

Doesn't stand out, but still worth seeing.
The soundtrack was amazing, the fact that Liam Neeson's voice was in the American version was very cool, it had the classic nature themes of Miyazaki's other works, and the animation and general art direction was great. Although the storyline was touching, I found myself getting kind of bored towards the middle. (I also remember being kind of concerned at just how happy everyone seemed to be throughout the movie.)

I say watch it, It is worth seeing at least once.


I agree with that part about everyone being so joyful and placid. It is eerie when people act so chilled about their homes and countryside disappearing under a tsunami. I guess were not supposed to pay much attention to it.
comment #3513 maninahat 23rd Jul 10
Seconded. This movie was beautiful to look at and listen to, but as a person who nearly lost his house to flooding, I can say that people don't act so carefree when they're lost their livelihood. Also, unlike most of Miyazaki's films, this one didn't seem to have any sort of underlying moral or message, which was disappointing.
comment #9378 HandyHandel 20th Aug 11 (edited by: HandyHandel)

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