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Reviews Comments: Avoid it. Avoid it. film/book review by Battle Hamster

There's a decent thriller hiding under the political mess. Unfortunately, while this book is supposed to be about how political extremism is destroying the US, it's actually about a Vast Left-wing Conspiracy to take over the government. And all the liberals are Strawmen Political and bad (except for one blatant Fox News Liberal). And all the conservatives shown are good. And the one bad conservative shown turns out to be a secret, deep-cover liberal. And there are lots of Author Filibusters. And—well, you get the idea. It's hard to take a book against political extremism seriously when it's that obviously partisan. It also doesn't help that Card has said that he'll do his best to overthrow the US government if gay marriage becomes legal.

To be fair, it's probably more enjoyable if you agree with Card's politics, which I don't.


  • 9th Nov 10
Actually, despite Card's obvious political slant, there is evidence throughout the book that the some of the supposedly good Conservatives, and one subtle chessmaster, have been playing the Left-wing Conspiracy in order to turn the republic into a true empire. Its much more subtle than the anti-Left anvils throughout the book, but they are present.

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