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"But what hate the most about it is the author, he's not very nice, and actually thinks the bad things are good. I honestly think he's delusional."

Personal attacks on the author are unwarranted and unlikly to persuade anyone that you're a reasonable reviewer.
comment #25729 Emptybee 15th Aug 14
Likewise walls of text; formatting, please.
comment #26051 NeoShiraku 5th Sep 14
Kurseof Kings is that you?
comment #26096 Lunacorva 8th Sep 14
You know, I was honestly expecting more angry comments from the rabid fanboys that infest this fanfic series. Thanks for not doing that. @Emptybee:I don't care, it's true. I hate Alexwarlorn to the point where I wish he'd disappear. That was just the nice version. @Neo Shiraku:Sorry, but I can't do that. I've used up to much space as it is. @Lunacorva:No, I am not Kurseof Kings. I don't even know who that is.
comment #27839 naal2 14th Jan 15

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