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Reviews Comments: Did I mention I have zombie phobia? Quarantine film/book review by Commando Dude

This film scared me in so many ways. It was horrifying. In fact, I'm glad that I had NOT seen this in the movies, because I remember skipping two particularly gory scenes. That had me freaked the fuck out. I've seen a fair share of zombie movies, there's no Narm here, only blood and horror. And the worst of it all is because there's no hope for these people. It takes awhile, but eventually you realize that. Frankly, it goes above and beyond what most zombie movies are capable of, I mean, 28 weeks later was pretty intense, but this film practically laughs in its face and then lights your brain on fire with High Octane Nightmare Fuel.

The things seen in this film cannot be unseen. Brain Bleach has zero effect. Cast out any notion of what you think a zombie movie is, because this film ups the ante to the max. And, at some point, you're just wondering to yourself, how these people have survived so long, it's a case of Too Dumb To Live for sure. But perhaps it is that same doomed naivete that allows the viewer to really feel this movie with a sense of realism that most others just quite aren't capable of. The amount of knee jerking and heart wrenching is phenomenal, and all of these actors are incredibly capable.

The HSQ is through the damn roof.

The first part of the film is rather boring, it helps provide a back drop on what's about to happen. But, tbh it could have been cut a little shorter.

Have I mentioned that after the film I decided to go to bed with my shotgun? Also, I wasn't prescribed my medication before I saw it.


  • Marc3K
  • 20th Aug 10
Did we see the same movie? It was terrible. Subpar acting, too many characters, a bimbo as the lead, the obvious fakeness of the thing (e.g. when the firefighter falls down)... should I go on?
  • Jamie1000
  • 22nd Apr 15
Terrible movie.

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