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Reviews Comments: Take the Good with the Bad Dragonball Z Battle Of Gods film/book review by Raised By Wolves

First of all, Battle of Gods is a movie which further expands the extensive universe of Dragon Ball. It shows us that Vegeta's brother, Tarble, shown in "Yo! The Return of Son Goku and His Friends!" is canon, much to the pleasure of me and many fans. The movie itself is widely considered canon, because it's been co-authored by Akira Toriyama himself. The movie, in turn, also has caused controversy between fans of GT and haters of GT.

This movie, let me get this out of the way, also shows Toriyama's distaste for the infamous Dragon Ball GT, but in very subtle ways as displayed through careful analysis of the movie. For example, in Dragon Ball GT, Pilaf, Mai and Shu happen to be quite aged. In Battle of Gods, they give special attention to the fact that Pilaf accidentally wished for them to become children.

Many characters were Demoted to Extra, unfortunately, they were beloved characters. Most never got the attention they deserved anyway. 18, Yamcha, Krillin, Piccolo and other characters got maximum 10 seconds of screen time. However, we finally get to see that Marron does in fact know and hang out with Trunks and Goten. We also see the return of Gotenks, and Trunks apparently gets Mai as a girlfriend in the end. Vegeta is both made looked like a pussy, but at the same time shows the quality of Rule of Cool. Many fans hated his dance for Beerus, but at the same time loved Roshi's comment of how he had surpassed Goku.

This mostly unbiased review of Battle of Gods will show the pros and cons of the movie. The pros involve: - Introduction of funny characters Bills and Whis - Show character development through Vegeta's willingness to dance for Bills, and his flashback. - Expansion of the DB Universe after a long time, by Toriyama himself. - Made up for the hated Dragon Ball Evolution - Pilaf and his gang being goofy as usual. - Gorgeous animation, especially in the Goku vs. Bills part. - Introduction of the character of Pan.

This movie is not without flaws, of course, these include: - Complete disregard to Dragon Ball GT - Many characters given no attention - Humans having zero relevance in the movie - Unimpressive design of the Super Saiyan God when viewed from a fan of the previous SSJ's - Vegeta surpassing Goku, then Goku just catching up again. - Bad portrayal of Gohan by him getting a bit tipsy.


  • Mr.Movie
  • 20th Jul 14
Dragonball Evolution? What are you talking about? Is it one of those movies that was rumored to have existed, but is actually an urban legend I.e. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace?
  • RaisedByWolves
  • 21st Jul 14
Dragon Ball Evolution was a Live-Action version of Dragon Ball Z which gained about 30 Million in profits, but had a budget of much more, so it was considered a failure mostly.
  • Mr.Movie
  • 21st Jul 14
^ My comment was a joke. I was just playing off the massive Fanon Discontinuity and Canon Discontinuity surrounding the film.
  • RaisedByWolves
  • 21st Jul 14
Haha, sorry, my mistake, should've noticed the Eldritch Abomination hyperlink there. Sarcasm Mode fail.
  • IndirectActiveTransport
  • 9th Feb 15
Vegeta surpassing Goku was silly. That he had a better showing than Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Gotenks, Majin Buu and Gohan was too silly. Maybe I could have tolerated Vegeta taking on some new transformation himself (I'm sure his fans would love to see him SS 3) but the way it happened was simply too arbitrary.

Vegeta got angry all the time. He fought a monster that killed his wife and stole his son. Where was that 'surpass' Goku anger then? Vegeta being of "pure heart" was also silly. Piccolo already established that both of them deserved to go to hell.
  • omegafire17
  • 2nd Aug 15
Vegeta surpassing Goku in that moment wasn't really silly imo, for a good reason.

Vegeta does gets angry all the time. What's changed is the 'reason' for his anger. Before, it was pretty much always about himself, ie pure unadulterated rage. In this movie, his rage is over the fact that Bulma got hit... which you can imagine, inspires a lot more power, in the same vein as Goku's ascension to SSJ in response to Freiza threatening his son on Namek

At the same time, Vegeta's dance shows how far he's come - he's still a jerk, still tough, but he's purely on the side of good now. And even then, he only did so as a last resort; certainly not because he wanted to, as Goku noted

Also, if you look at Fridge, the SSJG form is supposed to look unassuming - because it follows the trend of previous 'small' or 'sleek' forms being much stronger than the more bulky or flashier ones
  • TheRealYuma
  • 5th Mar 17
RBW, DB:E actually had a budget of $30 million and made $57.5 million at the box office, so it was most likely a success, even if just a modest one. It also wasn't a live-action version of DBZ as it's based off the Dragon Ball manga. It doesn't even use any of the characters that debuted in Z. Besides, it was actually a good thing for the franchise as a whole because it convinced Akira Toriyama to get more involved. Lastly, that "evidence" you use for your claim of AT hating the "infamous" GT is weak. He doesn't hate it. In fact, all my searching on the topic has lead me to finding the opposite.

Mr. Movie, DB:E is an alternate universe, so it literally cannot be canon to Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z.
  • marcellX
  • 6th Mar 17
Vegeta being of \"pure heart\" was also silly. Piccolo already established that both of them deserved to go to hell.

Dragon Ball notes that pure heart doesn\'t necessarily means pure good heart. Then again, that was the SS transformation, you had to be \"righteous\" for the ritual. He casted aside his pride and now actively tries to save earth with the others. Piccolo told him that sacrificing himself in the end is not gonna offset all the terrible things he commited up to that point (which I know realize also works as a jab to christianity). If anything, many people are arguing that Vegeta has become a better person than Goku.

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