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The book sucks
Watch the movie.

Honestly, dredging through the book, The Hunt For Red October, was mind numbing. I always kept thinking the action in this series would be just right around the corner. But no, about 4/5 of the whole book is nothing but political maneuvering, and some character expose. At the very end, we're treated to a short, anti-climactic battle sequence.

The movie is far superior, the acting is top notch, little bits of comedy are thrown in, everything takes on a dramatization that just couldn't be felt in the book. Not to mention, the movie cuts the unnecessary fat from the book, giving you a great thriller without all the dry politicking.


The movie is great, with a good action/drama balance. The book is a political (techno-)thriller, and is great. They are great in different ways. "Commando Dude" appreciates the action in the movie while disliking the novel, but confusedly conflates "I didn't like the book" with "I didn't like the book and it is objectively bad specifically because of my preferences." Apples and oranges, fellow troper. (Also, perhaps Complaining About Genres You Don't Like.) I'm glad you liked the movie, but just because you don't like political thriller novels doesn't mean that the book sucks.
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