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Reviews Comments: Divided and Conflicted The Mysterious Mr Enter whole series review by K-Star 700

Mr. Enter is not a bad guy. In fact, he is probably one of the smartest reviewers on YouTube. He may be vulgar and over the top sometimes, but he at least knows what he talks about. Personally, though, if he didn't say he wouldn't consider himself part of the MLP Analysis community, he'd be my least favourite analyst. His tone and word choice making it sound like it's his way or the highway for an episode, which can end up offending some people. Despite his knowledge being above standard in writing, his empathy ranges from lackluster to abysmal. That is something I can't tolerate. However, I harbour no ill will to him. Why? His personal life and experiences are different than mine, so he would have a different perspective of things than me.

Also he's far from just another caustic critic, as seen through his Admirable Animation series. Also, he is willing to admit his mistakes and wrongdoings if they ever happen, as seen with his Top 11 Screw-Ups, Twilight's Kingdom, and 3 Cases of What Could Have Been.

His best series is Admirable Animations, mainly because he is able to pinpoint everything that makes an episode worthwhile. His series, Animated Atrocities, seems to develop most of the animosity towards him, though. I don't understand. The Nostalgia Critic can be negative and crass, but Mr. Enter is tame in comparison and yet gets more hate. That isn't fair. His MLP Reviews are my biggest grievance about him. Besides his lack of empathy, his outlook on some episodes are much too monolithic to the point where it's unsettling. It is only for some episodes, though. Others, I will say, are fantastic, like Rarity Takes Manehattan, Pinkie Pride, Maud Pie, and the aforementioned Twilight's Kingdom. If you ask me, his reviews that didn't rely on the Ace Attorney styled points system were better because it felt much more natural of a review.

Overall, I can't say much other than Mr. Enter is not a bad guy. He doesn't deserve to be slandered by haters. However, I can't bring myself to say that he's one of my favourite reviewers when he isn't. I disagree on too much of his content to like his work as a whole, but I choose to ignore those grievances than hate on him. I only hope he doesn't become increasingly crass in his future videos.


  • Scolipendra
  • 17th Jun 14
See this is constructive criticism. He is my favorite animation reviewer, but you do make some fair points.
  • saltyoven
  • 18th Jun 14
  • TheAmazingTravis
  • 25th Jun 15
Here's the thing about Nostalgia Critic though. He is not a real person, he is a fictional character. His negativity and anger towards what he reviews are played for laughs. Mr. Enter is not a fictional character, he's a real person. His anger and negativity towards what he reviews is genuine. And that's upsets people. He takes things much more seriously than they should be. You can't take a comedy and criticize it for bad morals when it's obviously not supposed to teach morals in the first place. That's not understanding the material.
  • TheRealYuma
  • 21st Mar 16
Just pointing something out, but the thing is, his smartness is more about the choices he makes in what to put under Animated Atrocities than anything else. I mean, he still has the basic flaws of your average online reviewer.
  • KarkatTheDalek
  • 3rd Jul 16
I\'m curious - what do you mean by \"lack of empathy\", exactly?
  • Bastard1
  • 3rd Jul 16
He's not a bad guy. He's not a good guy. He's a generic guy.
  • shonengirl
  • 7th Apr 17
Yes, finally a decent review! I\'m a fan of Mr. Enter, but I will say that he still has flaws. Still, his haters are some of the most vindictive, spiteful people I\'ve seen. Just look at the review section of this very site. They keep throwing complaints at him that have not been relevant for anywhere from months or years, clearly miss what he\'s trying to say (if I hear \"Mr. Enter wants all cartoons to have morals!\" one more damn time...), and seem to be excruciatingly willfully ignorant that Admirable Animations exists.

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