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Reviews Comments: Deeply Hilarious and Creative The Amazing Worldof Gumball whole series review by Asger

Since Season 3 of this show is starting up, I feel it's about time I get around to it. I mean hell I already did review Regular Show and explained why I think Adventure Time has degenerated into an abomination, so why not the newest member of CN's triumvirate?

The Amazing World of Gumball centers around a small town called Elmore, a place where just about anything can come to life- from fish growing legs to sentient rocks and reanimated dinosaurs. Immediately watching the show gives you a sense of real diversity among the cast, with most of the cast animated and drawn in completely different styles; from standard cartooning, to 3D animation to video game sprites and even claymation. Shockingly enough all of the styles blend together seamlessly, with no character ever feeling out of place.

Most episodes center around the misadventures of Gumball, a prepubescent blue cat, and Darwin his adopted goldfish brother. Like Regular Show, most of the plots center around a seemingly simple idea ballooning into a hilariously over the top plot with epic consequences. For example one episode involves trying to get a video taken off the internet which leads to the two meeting a physical manifestation of the internet; a basement dwelling nerd computer.

The jokes, particularly in the second season, are almost always spot on. From great sight gags, good slapstick to truly hilarious fourth-wall leaning moments. For anyone interested, I'd highly recommend episodes likes 'The Sweaters', 'The Plan' and 'The Photo.' At times, weirdly enough, it does genuinely remind me of what it felt like to be a kid. From the way Darwin and Gumball can act, to the games they play, to their outlook on life. Really the only issues I have with the show is that Anais is likely going to grow into a Lisa Simpson clone with all the obnoxiousness that entails. Still, who knows, they might avoid that pitfall.

If I was to describe the evolution of the series I'd compare it to the evolution of classic Spongebob. A funny if unremarkable first season followed up with a hilarious following season that tightened up everything up and improved in all aspects. Let's hope it doesn't end up as bad as modern Spongebob in the coming seasons.


  • mrsunshinesprinkles
  • 7th Jun 14
Couldn't agree with you more; Gumball's easily become one of my favorite shows on TV, right now. Fun to look at, and even funnier are the gags; it's awesome.

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