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Reviews Comments: An imbalance of Characterization. Twilight film/book review by Aliroz The Confused

Twilight is a description of a vampire sparkle named Edward Cullen. Seriously. Cross out any sentence with a description of Edward's beauty, or referral to his being cold, and you'll lose more than two thirds of the book. Not counting the descriptions of his eyes. I crossed out all description of Edward. If I had a pie for every time Edward was called beautiful, I'd have at least 245 pies (for every use of the word Beauty and it's derivatives alone), and enough pies from the rest of the descriptions to solve world hunger. Not counting the descriptions of his eyes. Or his coldness.

The book has fulfilled its purpose however. As entertainment it got an audience, made people have an experience of some sort, and made money. It became popular among a niche of people, so much that when a teenage girl tells you she only read four books this year, you know what they are. It did what entertainment is meant to do. It did not entertain me, nor did it educate me. I believe that when you entertain, you have an obligation to do research and educate as well. I believe that you need to get your audience to think and feel. I believe that a book must have some substance, some meaning to it. I believe in the power of words to bring characters to life, and make a setting real. I think that Twilight failed at this.

Learn to avoid the failings of this book, and you will become a better writer.

I read The Iliad, The Odyssey, and The Aenid together in one sitting. I read multiple encyclopedias in one sitting. I read The Count Of Monte Cristo in one sitting. I've read many good and long books in one sitting. All unabridged, and without any distractions or breaks, and without looking away from the book at all. But Twilight took me I don't know how many sittings to read. It's just too many to count. So many times I had to look away. Those good books made me feel happy and fufilled, like I'd done something worthwhile, but Twilight was extremely difficult to read, and made me feel awful. To cure myself, I read Calvin And Hobbes. And then I read some Discworld books.

I think that the best thing that can be done is to forget about this book. If it is forgotten, it can't affect us. Twilight won't last, anyway, so those who forget it are merely speeding up the inevitable. It will fade, and better books will take it's place.


  • Kereea
  • 13th Dec 11
i loved all the math you used. I couldn't even go back to that series to do half that kind of math. You rock for it.

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