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Reviews Comments: Dark and Moving The Hunchback Of Notre Dame film/book review by On The Other Handle

I'll start with the bad parts, since I'm mean like that. It was over too quickly. That may sound like an interview flaw, but it's a bigger problem than you'd think. It feels like the movie screams past at breakneck speed to give us the plot and nothing more. I felt like saying "Movie, it's okay - you can take a breather. You can spare a few minutes for character development or suspense building or plot thickening." I mean, come on - it was an hour and a half long!

But despite being strictly bare-bones, it was really good. It got so much past the radar the radar doesn't even look like it was there. Rape, violence, genocide, sexuality, religious themes, cussing - you name it. The effect was slightly diminished by the gargoyles, but I like to think of them as the hallucination of poor Quasi, driven mad by loneliness - which would add insanity to our list. The plot was well done, the songs were haunting and beautiful. Definitely worth it.


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