Yes, this brave troper does in fact own a copy of the full version of this film, in it's "Quest For the Lost City" version. Suffice it to say, it is nowhere near as awesome without the MST 3 K track, because the movie is mostly incredibly dull. Not even Garth Vader and the Gimp Wrestlers can wake this dull film out of its stupor. The plot itself is campy and goofy, but the film blunts its So Bad Its Good quality by filling much of it with long pauses and silent pans across dull faces and landscapes.

But the MST 3 K episode is not to be missed. Those same long silences and pauses give Mike and the Bots a lot of leeway for longer gags and they're on the ball the entire episode. The host segments are a little weak with the one shining exception of "The Canada Song" (beating South Park to the punch by at least two years!). But the commentary is gold. Despite the fact that at least half the jokes are about Canada, there's a good chance you'd have to be Canadian yourself to get them ("Free picture of Brian Mulrooney with fill-up!"), creating an amusing irony. This was the episode that got me hooked on MST 3 K, and what an episode to do it!


  • Shrikesnest
  • 20th Jul 09
Totally agree; a damn fine episode

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