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Reviews Comments: The aesops are becoming increasingly problematic. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic season review by Austin

Rarity Takes Manehattan has Rarity realizing how badly she's treated her friends, and runs out of the competition which would seem to ensure her defeat. This could've been a great message about doing the right thing even if it costs you, but we find out that Rarity won anyway. In "Rainbow Falls", Rainbow struggles with sticking with her weak team. We could've gotten a message about sticking with your friends even if you have to sacrifice something else for it, but Rainbow ends up qualifying. I remember how the first season finale ended with the cast not getting what they wanted, and I find it disappointing that the writers now always go for the Sweet and Sour Grapes approach. I think it's proof that while the show may be entertaining, it's not as unique and clever as the fans like to believe.

At first, I liked the fact that not every antagonist ended up learning a lesson. It helped the show feel realistic and kept it from becoming too sugary. But almost every jerk in the series being a shallow character is starting to get old. I think Diamond Tiara might've been better received if it had been implied that she picks on people because of her own insecurities, while suggesting that she might grow out of it one day. Some fans don't hate her because she's a jerk, they hate her because she's boring. Lightning Dust was a jerk, but she didn't feel like she was past redemption to me. The cider episode is well known for not acknowledging that the Flim Flam brothers had a point, so I hoped their sequel episode would be more nuanced, perhaps with them learning that they don't need to con people to make money. But instead, they were even worse than before. With this track record, it feels like the two antagonists who were reformed only did so because they're fan favorites, not because the writers saw nuances to their characters.

On a final note, this show needs more recurring characters. Lots of interesting characters are introduced, but never appear again or only get one sequel episode at best.


  • Austin
  • 6th Apr 14
And "Bats!"...ugh, don't get me started on "Bats!". I consider it one of the most poorly handled aesops of the whole show. Most of what happens in the episode supports Applejack's point of view, but the writer somehow didn't notice that. Fluttershy thinks they can just get the bats to only eat some apples, but the way Applejack describes them is that they'll keep eating until there's nothing left. They're shown to have done that in the past. But then it turns out that they're able to give them their own section, going against how they were portrayed earlier in the episode. Fluttershy also says that she knows nothing about vampire fruit bats, so her defense on how they're really sweet creatures falls flat. She also says that they'll make the seeds stronger. Animals might spread seeds, but they don't make them stronger. If that was supposed to be in-universe property, then it should have been explored in more detail. Since it's not, it seems more likely that the writer just misunderstood how seed propagation works. Of course, there's also the fact that since the farm already suffered an infestation, they should already be using stronger seeds.

I also find it extremely questionable that every pony instantly sides with Applejack. Rarity and Rainbow Dash sure, but I'd expect Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie to be more open to find a different solution. The Complainer Is Always Wrong is an annoying trope, but the inverse isn't any better because it makes one character look overly perfect while the others are callous jerks.

It's disappointing that some fans weren't able to see the blatant flaws in the episode until they realized that a Scapegoat Creator was behind it. And some still convince themselves that the real issue is that the bats were ugly, and that Applejack would be totally cool if it were cute creatures who were destroying their livelihood. I'm not part of Merriweather William's hatedom, but if this and the Mysterious Mare Do Well are any indication, she's not good at writing aesops.
  • gingerman
  • 8th Apr 14
Hey man, might want to be careful about extending your review into the comments, but regardless, you make a pretty good point about the general depth of thought that goes into the morals behind some of these episodes, or just the lack of them. I guess that at the end of the day you just can't approach My Little Pony like you can with the first Avatar series
  • Austin
  • 9th Apr 14
I'm aware of the warning about doing multi part reviews, but I wasn't sure about if that was just about posted reviews or if using the comment section was frowned upon as well. But thanks for the warning and your thoughts.
  • TheShopSoldier
  • 12th Apr 14
I really hate the forced morals in this show... Real shame, because when they aren't - they not only work well, they make the episode worth my time.
  • gingerman
  • 4th May 14
No worries! It's just I don't see it done much, and usually there's a reason for these things.

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