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Reviews Comments: The Best Architect In the LAND! (Beware! There Be Crazy Ahead) Frozen film/book review by Lakija

I wasn't particularly expecting anything from Frozen. Weird right? No? Oh... Anyways, I went in with a clean slate. And, hoo boy, did that help.

So it's about two girls. One has Power Incontinence, and the other is a hyperactive dork...or something. They're both cute though.

Their parents die right off the bat. No surprises there, Disney.

Elsa is effectively a prisoner in a Gilded Cage. Poor thing. Her powers are just too unpredictable. Her sister pretends to be a prisoner in a Gilded Cage; she can literally leave the castle doors at any time. But instead she acts like she can't. Also, the castle is like a Ghost Town. It's just big and has little staff. Very depressive. Nice interior design though. All of this, plus Anna's mania leads me to believe that she's off her rocker a little. Poor thing...

On Elsa's coronation day, things go to shit when her powers explode. So she leaves to live in the mountains like a real mountain man. Well...if a mountain man was an incredible architect who could sing "Let It Goooooo!!!!" and was also a fashion designer who could weave fabric from snow and create life. Wait, what? So Elsa decides to live in a freaking stunning castle she just shoots out of her hands. It's not as stunning as any rayonant gothic architecture I've seen, however (work harder Elsa, jeez). Two questions: where will she go to the bathroom? And just what is she going to eat?

Anna goes searching for her sis, and meets a cute boy, a gay shop owner, a dog-horse-moose, a talking snowman, and a community of singing trolls. Actually, forget I said anything about the trolls.

The message is that you should be yourself as long as you don't kill anybody. I think.

It was a great movie. Elsa was the best because she was really pretty and so was the castle and the dress she made. But I really like sparkly, icy, blue and teal stuff, so I might be a tad biased there.

Um what else... still got about fifty words left... There was the stereotypical evil guy at first. He was too obvious. So the real evil guy came right out of left field. That was neat. Anna's hair gets cooler, but then nah.

So yeah, it was good.


  • ElectricNova
  • 2nd Apr 14
Just about sums it up
  • Wackd
  • 11th Apr 14
"Beware! There Be Crazy Ahead"

Well, I don't know what I was expecting.
  • Lakija
  • 11th Apr 14

I was sleep deprived and hyped up on tropicana juice and totally deep in the wiki when I typed this up. So I thought it sounded crazy when I finished. :D

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