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Reviews Comments: Something I can't play twice Dragon Age II game review by s L 360

Dragon Age 2 does not...capture the original in many ways. There are many things that feel different about it from Origins that may just put you off and declare it to be a disaster.

I myself feel like I want to denounce this game as not fun and a damned silly excuse as a sequel, but...I can't say that without pointing out it has its strengths. Dragon Age 2 was the answer to some people who thought Origins was ungodly slow paced and a mute bore fest. I mildly enjoyed the faster combat at first and your main character actually talking, but after I got through with the game I had decided that'd be the last time I would play it. It just felt like a big chore, running all over Kirkwall and doing crap for people. I hated being stuck in one place, going through the same designed dungeons. Only when I managed to get out of Kirkwall and into big, story important places like the Deep Roads did I begin to feel like I was having fun.

But I must say the characters are still there. I loved most of the party members and the dialogue is what you'd expect from a Dragon Age game from Bioware. I cared about them enough to want to do their story quests and enjoyed doing them. Some of the fights are still challenging enough to warrant use of tactics, buuuuut for the most part you can just action-game bludgeon your way through everything and win. Yeah...after playing Origins again, I began to understand what I didn't like about the sequel. Too many says enough that I gladly play Origins multiple times and only Dragon Age 2 once.

Basically, if you're a Dragon Age fan and you want to see what happens in the lore bad enough, you'll play this game, and might have a little fun. If you don't care, then stay the hell away and play something else.


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