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Reviews Comments: On the Inferno The Divine Comedy episode/issue review by Lady Katie

Dante wrote a self insert Gary Stu Fix Fic in which he gets the girl he is obsessed with, meets his hero, and puts everyone he doesn't like for whatever reason in hell. That's it. That's the plot. It's like a RL fanfic.


  • BonsaiForest
  • 6th Mar 14
Normally not a fan of short reviews, but this sums it up way better than any other description I'd read.
  • FishytheAscendant
  • 6th Mar 14
Ah yes... Nothing like a bit of loving cynicism to darken up the day.
  • Fresison
  • 7th Sep 14
“gets the girl”—no, she's still dead. She's not even present at the end, Bernard de Clairvaux leads him to the divine vision.

“everyone he doesn't like”, except for many people he admires; “for whatever reason”—like murder, treason, usury etc?

“Fix Fic”, “RL fanfic”—well, I guess I forgot about the alternate ending where Dante singlehandedly reconquers Florence with Beatrice at his side and is hailed by all as the great liberator (as opposed to explicitly still being banned from his old city after the end—“Thou shalt prove how salt is the taste of another's bread...”)

To say that this review misses the point is being extremely generous, as it implies that it tries to grasp at one. It's a mindless regurgitation of trope names and vague internet jargon and could have been written by someone who hasn't read the book itself, just a five-sentence blurb by some overpaid editor. Condescending bullshit with no thought or effort put into it, like most of what the internet has to offer. F—
  • Dairon
  • 2nd Oct 14

  • Tomodachi
  • 2nd Nov 17
I agree with Fresisson. The reviewer appears to be trying to make a joke review, but it falls flat since shows some critical failures. For once, Beatrix was already married with Dante before she passed away. How did you even miss that detail?

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