Reviews Comments: Great Music, Good Effects, Nothing Else To Enjoy

Great Music, Good Effects, Nothing Else To Enjoy

File the ending of "The Ember Island Players" under Hilarious In Hindsight. That... wasn't a good movie. I'll say. No kidding. Horrible. You said it. But the effects were decent.

The only thing the movie does right is satisfy anyone's desire to see what bending might look like in the "real" world. Honestly, though, there are many scenes where the actors are doing all these complicated moves and nothing happens, as if someone seriously did just forget to add the CGI of elements reacting to them. What CGI bending there is is cool, though, and I loved the music.

Aside from the visuals and music, there's nothing else about the movie to like. The plot and the characters are very poorly written, it has none of the humor or excitement or drama of the series, it doesn't even make the smallest Mythology Gag to the series, and "Grandma" (*groan*) has the Avatar confused with Captain Planet. The Avatar cannot bend, and I quote, "heart" (chi, yes, but "heart," no!). I expected the grand battle at the Northern Water Tribe to be the moment for the plot to shine, but they ruin everything: Zuko and his arch rival Zhao never fight once, there's no Koh or Aang merging with Ocean Spirit, Yue makes her sacrifice but doesn't turn into the Moon Spirit, and Zhao is killed in the most anti-climactic, pathetic way possible.

Only worth seeing once, and that's only if you've seen the cartoon.

Interesting things of note: Sozin's Comet has 3 years to arrive (to allow for the real actors to age), Iroh clearly thinks Zuko needs to get laid, and the additional Elemental Baggage to Firebending is just stupid.

Stick with adapting only episodes of Nickelodeon shows instead of the whole series, Shyamalan.


Do you REALLY want them to have had a realistic Koh?
comment #3156 LadyJuse 2nd Jul 10
Realistic Koh would have been Awesome! In the first scene where Aang enters the spirit world and then enters a cave there, I thought it was actually a setup for Koh. It was disappointing to see that it was apparently a talking version of Fang and a bit odd since Koh is the only spirit in the series to live in a cave.
comment #3161 TaupeHat 2nd Jul 10
Awesome? Don't you mean NIGHTMARE FUEL??? As if Koh isn't scarey enough as it is...let's make him look REAL!
comment #3169 LadyJuse 2nd Jul 10
I was totally thinking "Ember Island Players" after watching this movie.

I wish they had included more nods to the original soundtrack. Something I actually missed a lot were the little chimes that showed up whenever the Blue Spirit was on screen. A really little thing that I really, really missed.
comment #3174 gryphonfledgling 2nd Jul 10
Really CGI Koh would have been great, could have made up a bit for the lack of Koizilla, even with everything else bad about the film how great a Crowning Moment of Awsome would that have been? Instead all we get are Appa, Momo, and some poorly synced bending. Since when does bending have a cast time like that?
comment #3179 TaupeHat 2nd Jul 10
Koizillia would of been awesome I agree with that, but look at the page for the show, Koh is High Octane Nightmare Fuel, do you really want that to be real?
comment #3204 LadyJuse 3rd Jul 10
Given that it's M. Night Shyamalan, High Octane Nightmare Fuel is probably the only thing he can pull off successfully.
comment #3245 Byemus 5th Jul 10
But then it would most likely be rated to high for people younger fans to see on their own.
comment #3250 LadyJuse 5th Jul 10
Koh = Nightmare Fuel = Emotional Torque = Something Positive, so, yes, an even creepier and scarier CGI Koh would have been great.
comment #3275 Lale 6th Jul 10
The whole idea of firebending is that it doesn't need a source. If it did, then the other three could extinguish it with total ease. Air is almost impossible to cut off, but it has no real offense, earth and water are more versatile, but they are easier to cut off. It's all in the balance. Also, the series explains that it comes from the spirit and ki.
comment #3325 Cannotrememberpasswords 10th Jul 10

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