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Reviews Comments: A review of True Blood: season 1 True Blood season review by maninahat

NB This is a review of the first season of the HBO series True Blood and not the book series. I can't find the "add review" button on the True Blood mainPage, so I'm leaving this review here for now.

True Blood is a series about Sookie Stackhouse, who despite having a pornstar name, is ironically the only person in her podunk, Louisiana town who isn't shagging someone every five minutes. The reason for this is because she can read minds and as such, she finds the thoughts of most men off-putting. That is until Sookie meets Bill, a local vampire whose thoughts she cannot hear.

  • The show's premise of putting vampires into a mundane, real world setting. It was interesting seeing a vampire give a talk on his life throughout the civil war.
  • This real world Watchmen treatment also means that the vampires do not necessarily prescribe to the whole leather thing. The vampires are more diverse.
  • Although the protagonist looks gormless (and often is), Sookie can be refreshingly observant compared to most drama protagonists.
  • Good performances all around, and many interesting (if familiar) characters.
  • Very stylish opening credits which adequately conveys the message of the series.

  • Being HBO, the series sticks in gratuitous sex scenes all the time. It often felt like an unnecessary distraction from the murder mystery which the series was supposed to be centred around.
  • On the mystery itself: There is very little sleuthing going on throughout and I was especially irritated when the killer was revealed. Usually in these yarns the culprit is the guy you least suspect, but at least the reveal comes with a satisfactory explanation which shows how you could have figured out for yourself. In True Blood, there is absolutely nothing - no nuances/signs/clues to look out for. Do not waste your time trying to figure it out who the murderer is because this isn't a proper mystery story.
  • Their is a very unsubtle parallel drawn between vampires and the treatment of homosexuals. It doesn't really work when you realise how dangerous and distrustful these jerkoff vampires actually are.

Over all, I give True Blood a tentative recommendation. It struggles as a murder mystery but is interesting enough as a mystical themed drama to keep the viewer captivated.


  • SickleYield
  • 23rd Oct 10
I don't know if "mystical-themed drama" is the phrase I'd use. Possibly "horror-themed sex drama." Otherwise I mostly agree. I kept finding myself liking characters who weren't going to be around long (Eddie) or who were supposed to be villains (that blonde vampire who runs a club and essentially keeps mocking Bill's wangst). Don't even start me on the unfortunate implications of basically everything about Tara's character arc.
  • maninahat
  • 15th May 11
Yeah, that really sucks what happens to her role in the story. It's as if the writer's can't remember anything about their own damn characters. Tara starts out a sassy, head-strong, bookish, voice of reason, but is reduced to a sobbing wreck from about four episodes onwards. Then there is Jason. First he has erectile problems, but this never comes up again after his blood addiction, which in turn never comes up again after his religious conversion, which never comes up again after his obsession with policing, which will probably never come up again. Alright, something causes a change from one of his fads to the next, but how come things like his erectile function never ever bothers him again?

This, along with the fact that the show likes to throw away potentially interesting characters (like that Brit vampire, or Bill's master vamp) who should stay with the series instead of being killed off prematurely.
  • tublecane
  • 2nd Jun 11
"Very stylish opening credits which adequately conveys the message of the series"

I truly love the theme song, the images less so. But I will admit there is an underlying logic to them pointing to potential in the show that has yet to be realized. Admittedly everything hinted at is there: blood, death, the South, mystery, the dark, religion, and sex, sex, sex. But it never comes together on the actual show as I expect it to. For instance, religion is mostly confined to the overly topical gay analogy. It never led anywhere interesting for me.

Also, given their age I'd expect the vampires to be wiser. Even the cultured ones are pretty childish. That's a way to go, I guess, but I miss the old worldiness of Dracula.
  • maninahat
  • 2nd Jun 11
Oh the vampires are utter retards most of the time. Bill is nearly 200 years old but the first time we see him, he gets outsmarted and captured by a couple of idiot hicks with blood bags. Granted, a reason is eventually given for this shortsightedness in the third season, but it just seems implausible that such an old person could be so unwise, unstreet smart, and uneducated.

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