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Reviews Comments: Quite funny Ctrl Alt Del whole series review by Milarqui

I found this webcomic really good. I think the jokes are really funny, and the way Ethan behaves makes me laugh loads. Of course, the mood whiplash that happens sometimes is a bit bad, but I don't see it bad as in "hey, that sucks", but as in "oh, man, poor guy". And the marriage with Lilah was done really well.

I really like this webcomic.


  • Slaanesh
  • 19th Jul 10
  • 22nd Jul 10
  • Phrederic
  • 22nd Jul 10
Hey, give the guy a chance! Everybody's opinion is equally valid!

So, could one perhaps go into more detail why this comic is "Quite Funny"? Could mister/mistress/whatever Slaanesh and explain what they mean and offer some evidence perhaps?
  • Slaanesh
  • 7th Aug 10
Because CAD there's no way anyone other then Tim, or his small group of Sycophants would be able to say anything good about CAD.

  • 8th Nov 10
I agree with totally not Tim Buckley up there He takes the time to draw out every joke with as many words as possible so that everyone gets the joke! He's such a rascal xD
  • bitemytail
  • 16th Apr 15
Go to bed, Tim.

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