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Reviews Comments: Why did I watch this show as a kid, despite finding it frustrating and dumb? Captain N The Game Master whole series review by Bonsai Forest

It's easy as adults to complain about the stupid things kids like today, but let's look inwards for a bit. As kids, didn't we watch the Super Mario Bros. Super Show just because it had Mario in it? The stories hardly engaged me back then, and it became increasingly cringeworthy as I got older.

So, yes, I watched Captain N because I liked the premise. But boy, was the execution terrible.

Even back then, I hated the character designs. I hated what Simon Belmont turned into. I hated how Mega Man and Pit/Kid Icarus (I was unaware his real name was Pit, iirc) spoke strangely and repetitively added "mega-" and "-icus" to their sentences. So many characters were portrayed dead wrong. Donkey Kong was enormous, and evil, which I didn't like at all. And of course, I absolutely hated the character of Game Boy, and never understood why he was portrayed as a character.

I did however enjoy some of the plots of the show, so there was reason to stick around. I actually liked the episode with the bully from Kevin's past showing up - in android form - to intimidate him. And the team-up with Link from the Zelda series.

But what I really remember from the show, and not fondly either, I might add, is the Nightmare Fuel.

That's right. This show creeped me out something fierce when I was 8/9 years old.

There were freaky moments here and there, like Lana's nightmare where she had Mother Brain's face, or the people turned to stone in Medusa's lair and poor Kid Icarus walking around with a bucket over his head trying to avoid seeing her, which I found really unsettling.

But the worst was the episode that took place inside Kevin's body. A villain who flies around in a vehicle resembling organs captures Kevin's "soul" and straps it to a table inside Kevin's heart, as he slowly dies. The whole thing was just monstrously wrong. The "scenery" was disturbing enough to look at, but this whole concept of Kevin dying of an otherworldly virus that has to be fought from the inside was totally creepy.

What also got me was the addition of unfunny "humor" to lighten the mood. It didn't lighten the Nightmare Fuel moments at all, and I never EVER found the show funny. So what's the point of "humor"? Did the execs demand it?

In all, this was a bad show, and I just watched it because it was there.


  • Glowsquid
  • 23rd Jun 10
"Donkey Kong was enormous, and evil, which I didn't like at all."

That's pretty accurate to his pre-DKC characterization, though.
  • Rebochan
  • 24th Jun 10
I know why I watched it. Despite despising everything about it, it was about video games and I loved video games enough to suffer through it.
  • BonsaiForest
  • 28th Jun 10
Glowsquid, I guess you got a point. Although back then, I still thought it was stupid. And his land of "Kongo Bongo" and the villagers who keep feeding him bananas. What the heck.

Rebochan, you're probably right. I too loved video games and everything about them. I even watched The Wizard as a kid, and the awful Super Mario Bros movie.
  • EponymousKid
  • 11th Jul 10
Frankly? I was born on December 27, 1989. The 80s were literally over before I knew they existed. And while I caught an episode or two of the Super Mario Brothers Super Show growing up and Toonami aired Thundercats, Voltron, and Robotech, I never really experienced the 80s or its pop culture firsthand.

Yet as an adult, I've become increasingly fascinated by it. And, indeed, I'm attracted equally to the positive and the negative. I've seriously considered getting this show on DVD in spite of knowing full well how stupid it is, and to be perfectly honest I have no real clue why that is.

Am I just crazy or something?
  • Antiyonder
  • 31st Oct 11
Eponymous Kid: To be fair, the show still works as harmless fun and is dumb enough that you (you being fans in general and myself) at least get laughs out of it. So it still has some entertainment value.
  • qtjinla15
  • 1st Nov 11
Because it had Megaman and everyone knows Megaman is epic and as children we didn't know better. My god, were the characters butchered.
  • qtjinla15
  • 1st Nov 11
Because it had Megaman and everyone knows Megaman is epic and as children we didn't know better. My god, were the characters butchered.
  • protomanx
  • 8th Dec 12
I watched it for Megaman as well. To this day it's still, like, the best game series evar. Though yeah, the show was outright terrible; seriously, a tetris block with THREE pieces!? WTF were they thinking?

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