Reviews Comments: Eragon: Follows Star Wars, NOT The Hero's Journey.

Eragon: Follows Star Wars, NOT The Hero's Journey.
I think Eragon is a decent first novel from an inexperienced author, but there's no two ways around it - it's plot rips off Star Wars.

Some have claimed that it is not the plot of Star Wars that Eragon follows, but rather Joseph Campbell’s ‘Monomyth’ or ‘The Heros Journey’. I’ve gone through the monomyth point by point to demonstrate how wrong they are. Star Wars and The Lord Of The Rings both have undertones of Campbell’s monomyth. Eragon has undertones of Star Wars. This list only includes key stages of the monomyth I found in all three stories.

The Call to Adventure E/SW: Hero’s adventure is kick-started by the actions of a distressed princess. Lo TR: Bilbo leaves Frodo the Ring.

Answering the Call E/SW: Hero discovers his home as been burnt down, and his guardian/s killed by the Empire. He resolves to destroy the Empire. Lo TR: Frodo trusts Gandalf and agrees to take the ring to a place of safety.

Supernatural Aid E/SW: Hero gains a wise Mentor who can train him in the ancient tradition that he is destined for. Said Mentor appears to be the last of that tradition. Mentor presents the hero with something vital for that tradition (e.g. lightsaber/dragon saddle). Lo TR: Gandalf is Frodo’s wise Mentor who explains the nature of the ring and sets Frodo’s quest.

The Crossing of the First Threshold E/ SW/ Lo TR: Hero leaves his mundane home.

Meeting with the Goddess E/SW: Hero saves imprisoned heroine from the base of The Dragon. Lo TR: The heroes meet Galadriel, who gives them advice and assistance etc.

Ritual Death, Dismemberment E/ SW/ Lo TR: Mentor dies (or appears to).

Refusal of Return E/SW: Anti-hero sidekick refuses to join the rebellion. Lo TR'': Aragorn’s leadership is rejected by the Steward of Gondor.

Rescue from Without E: Murtagh ends up helping the rebels anyway, Arya and Saphira save Eragon’s butt from The Dragon at the last minute. SW: Han ends up helping the rebels anyway, saves Luke’s butt from The Dragon at the last minute. Lo TR: Aragorn leads the forces that distract Sauron from Frodo and Sam’s quest.

I'm not sure if this has been done before, but there you have it. Eragon rips of Star Wars.


I haven't read the books, but I can only imagine that the movie is even worse. It's practically note-for-note Star Wars right down to the aerial battle with an improbible shot at the end.
comment #2969 Dracomicron 21st Jun 10
Yeah, I think one of the differences between the movie and the book is that Paolini probably thought he was being original. Whoever did the movie was a shameless hack who seemed determined to make the thing Star Wars With Dragons to the fullest extent of his abilities.
comment #2985 Egads 22nd Jun 10
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comment #2986 Egads 22nd Jun 10 (edited by: Egads)
While the overall plot may be superficially like the one in Star Wars, there are enough differences when actually reading it that make it stand on its own, mostly through the circumstances and behaviors of the characters.
comment #6347 Scow2 10th Feb 11
That's what tends to happen when most fantasies use similar plots, themes, and tropes.
comment #6351 10th Feb 11
Wow! Kudos for you for taking the time to go through all three films/books and do this!
comment #6787 Mrin 12th Mar 11

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