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Reviews Comments: I don't get it's popularity. RWBY season review by Trollblade 69

I mean, I can understand the series itself. It's basically your standard Magical Girl show with 3D animation. The characters seem interesting, and there's plenty of potential set up. The problem it, you can't just post 4 trailers and 2 hours of episodes and get a decent story. And in terms of its fanbase, that's what confuses me the most. Yeah, it's co-produced by the guys who created Machinima, but I don't understand how a Nomura lookalike could garner such a huge following based solely on his animation skills.

All in all, a good series, but needs to develop faster. In the meantime, could someone explain its fanbase's size?


  • Mcnickel
  • 23rd Nov 13
Optimism for the second season?
  • tomwithnonumbers
  • 23rd Nov 13
So Monty Oum created Haloid and Dead Fantasy which were both fantastically popular pieces of animation that were all over the internet when they were made and are just generally fantastically fun to watch still. When you combine that with the boost of being advertised of one of the more famous animation sites on the internet that's enough to create a pretty strong and dedicated following. If you knew about Dead Fantasy and Haloid before, were you aware of them at the time they came out? Because they were pretty beloved and hyped at the time which is what created his fanbase
  • minecraft_biologist
  • 23rd Nov 13

Characters. The world. Fight scenes. Music. Fan-produced content.

The characters are great. As you've acknowledged, there's tons of potential set up, and because they are interesting in themselves, it's fun to see them interact, no matter how mundane the things they are doing. The trailers did a really good job at setting up how the characters feel, and provided tons of backstory for us to speculate about and to analyze their actions with.

The world is great. I love the weird steam-punk-like setting, with variants of modern technology, androids, Dust being a power source, the racial tensions, the global issues that seem to plague the RWBY world, and the setting of Grimm. The Grimm really lend an ominous tone to the series, and allow us to connect their actions to what might happen in the future. Also, it makes the series more serious. Based upon the Grimm, it seems that the characters might not get the happy ending that seems to happen for lots of standard Magical Girl shows, and this possibility is greatly hinted at in the music, too.

The fight scenes. I'm pretty sure a huge portion of the fanbase might dislike the normal scenes, but really like the fighting scenes. I like nearly everything about RWBY, but yes, the fight scenes are my favorite parts too. They are really well-done, and they actually reveal a lot of the RWBY world mechanics, and allow us fans to imagine the characters in a wide variety of situations, and let us speculate a crap ton about weapons and fighting styles.

The music. Man, the music is so freaking good. It's the first time I actually bought the music, instead of just listening to it on Youtube. I shelled out ten dollars for the Volume 1 soundtrack, and it's probably been the best $10 I've every spent. I really can't think of anything else that would be as valuable as the soundtrack and worth only $10. Unless, of course, I was starving or something and I needed food, but that's a different matter...

Anyways, the fan-produced content. Because of the factors I listed above, RWBY has inspired me to write the most I've ever written before. I'm around 120k words right now, which to me is pretty insane because I usually read books, not write them. The fanfics and fanart for this series are really good, and there's a lot of new creations because as I've said before, this universe really makes you wonder what could be possible and dream up awesome people or weapons.

Alright, so this got a little long, as a lot of things do, but this is basically how I feel about RWBY. The things I mentioned are what makes the fanbase so large. And I'm happy, because I really want this series to succeed, and I can't wait for where it will go next.

And on a side note, your name is really suspicious, as is your profile page.
  • MFM
  • 23rd Nov 13
^I wouldn't say the former two contribute much to the popularity. Whether they're good is debatable, but they're not something that's immediately apparent to a random onlooker. Opinions on the music could be extrapolated from the trailers; the fight scenes have both the trailers and Monty Oum's previous work. I haven't seen many fan works, but if there are as many as you say, I wouldn't be surprised if they helped contribute to the popularity.

Honestly, it sounds like you're saying "it's popular because it's good" or "it's popular because these aspects of it appeal to me personally;" reasons for popularity are rarely so simple.
  • minecraft_biologist
  • 23rd Nov 13
Ah, of course, but large portions of the world were introduced in the trailers, and the trailers were incredibly hyped up through Roosterteeth's very popular channel along with Monty Oum's reputation. Thus, millions of people watched the trailers, and then a lot were attracted by the things I mentioned, and then some of those people became dedicated fans. And that's why the fanbase is so large.

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